Origins Original Skin

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Apparently, being 25 isn’t that great. You fall in the Millennials demographic, or Generation Y, and, it is, apparently, the most stressed-out demographic in history. Finally a reason to be glad to be old!

Anyway, why am I rambling on about Millennials, Generation Y and being 25? Well, it’s all about a new skincare product from OriginsOriginal Skin – which specifically targets those in their 20s – those who may be having that quarter-life crisis! (That is the hashtag – #quarterlifecrisis).

Origins 25 Original Skin

Now. I’ve been thinking back 18 years, and wondering how I treated my skin when I was 25, and all I can remember is not very well! Baby wipes, who knows what moisturiser, and a lot of late nights, and things that were bad for me!

And all the while, according to new research, your skin is your 20s is changing – pores are becoming enlarged and New Origins Original Skinskin is looking duller and less radiant.  Oh the joys!

But, fear not, you can have that ‘Original Skin‘ back again, with this new serum, say Origins. The big ingredient in this new product  – which has been for years in the making – is Canadian Willowherb.

Found in the Northern Canadian prairies, Willowherb has traditionally been used as a herbal supplement to treat medical ailments. It helps restore the skin’s clarity and luminosity.Origins Original Skin

Anti-irritant Persian Silk Tree works to help keep skin at peak health and boosts translucency. There is also Chestnut Seed extract in there to mimic nature’s renewal process to help lift off dullness and restore smoothness. Oh, and algae extract Laminaria Saccharina to help balance skin’s production of sebum to tighten and shrink the appearance of pores.

There is a blend of optics in there to immediately correct dullness and visibly soften the appearance of pores – you can see this when you apply it, it’s like a mattifying primer in a sense.

It also has a lovely smell – a blend of floral and citrus essential oils, including notes of rose,grapefruit and amyris.

Although targeted for the latter part of your 20s, you can use this serum at any age if you think it would address your specific skin concerns – enlarged pores, lack of radiance and dullness.

Origins Original Skin Renewal Serum, £32, from March 13, Origins counters and