KC Color Mask Review

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I love my red hair, but the upkeep is difficult, so I am always happy to try any new products that will boost my colour between salon visits. The latest product I’ve tried is the KC Color Mask, from a Finnish hair care company, which is actually brilliant. KC Color Mask Red

High praise, yes, but I can’t fault this product at all. My red hair fades after a week or two, and I usually use a semi-permanent colour to freshen it up. I’ve used Fudge, Crazy Colour, Bleach London and others.

All give me a great colour result, so what’s different – and brilliant  – about this KC Color Mask? The fact it is a mask.

Not only did this give me excellent between-appointment colour top up, it left my hair feeling and looking great!

It’s a reconstructive treatment which contains Pro-Vitamin B5 and keratin derivatives to effectively repair damage to the structure of the hair.

You can use KC Color Mask treatments to maintain and deepen your existing hair colour, or to tone existing shades.

There are 14 shades to choose from – from coppers and blonde toners, to bold red and orange and pinky pearl.

And, you really don’t need that much, making this product great value for money. I have a 200ml tube, which costs about £12.95, and I reckon I will get about four or five top-ups out of that.

The other thing I liked about it was I could do it in the shower. I washed my hair, gave it a quick towel dry, then applied the mask and left for about 5-10 minutes whilst I exfoliated, etc. Then, I just rinsed it off.

KC Color Mask Shades

The longer you leave the mask on, the deeper the intensity of the colour will be. The more you use will have an effect on the power of the colour as well, but I didn’t feel like I needed to use loads.

Adding heat when the product is on will intensify, of course, and the porosity of your hair is another factor. I would recommend using gloves if you are using a bold colour – it is just like applying a hair dye, as it is really a hair dye with benefits!

KC Color Mask is £4.95, 40ml, and £12.95, 200ml, at lookfantastic.com, and is available at salons. Visit the KC Professional website for more info




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