Ojon Haircare Prescription

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I was lucky enough a few weeks ago to have a one-on-one with Ojon Treatment Technician, Jennie Roberts, when she did press appointments in Scotland. Jennie could tell just by looking at my hair what help it needed (lots!), and I was given a ‘haircare prescription’ of just the right Ojon products for me.

ojon haircare prescription

Ojon are a Canadian brand who launched a few years back, and are a bit of an unknown to many in the haircare market. They’re not salon-sold, but are salon-quality, and their range of products is vast. They now all contain key ingredient, Ojon Oil, which is harvested from the nut of the Ojon tree, found in the rainforests in Central America. In a year, a single tree yields less than 8000 nutes – just enough to make three cups of the precious oil!

The products are good. The original Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment mask (£34.50, 100ml) has a pungent smell, and is dark in colour, which put many – particularly blondes – off. It won’t colour your hair, and the smell is not to everyone’s taste, but not unpleasant. However,there is a newer  Ojon Damage Reverse Treatment Plus (£34.50) available which is a creamy colour, and has a lighter scent.

Containing the highest concentration of Ojon oil, you don’t need much – a teaspoon depending on hair length – and repeat until all of your hair is coated. Warm in hands until it is an oil, then apply to hair, and leave for 20 minutes to allow it to penetrate, If you hair is very dry, use a hairdryer for five minutes to add heat, or leave overnight for intense help!

I don’t like doing that, and this, although maybe needed, is not my favourite of the haircare prescription I was given. I do, however, love the Dual Phase Rare Blend Deep Conditioner (£30). It made my hair silky soft. It is a rinse-out, but Jennie advised me to see how it worked with my hair, and leave a little in if I felt like it.

Because my hair is dyed red, I was prescribed the Color Sustain Fade Fighting Shampoo and Conditioner (£18.50 & £20.50), which I have used before, and which are lovely products.Am just never sure they really hold the fade off.

ojon haircare one

I was intrigued to try the Rare Blend Moisture Rich Cleansing Conditioner (£18.50), one of these all-in-one products that seem to be popping up everywhere in haircare just now. No sulfates, no glycerin, it’s a deeply hydrating all-in-one cleanser and conditioner. I used it today and the results are great – I don’t feel my hair has missed my conditioner much to be honest.

The Revitalizing Mist (£20.50) is a leave-in detangler, for using before you blow-dry or natural-dry, which is what I have been trying to do of late, to protect my poor hair. It feels light, and doesn’t weight the hair down at all. I love the Rare Blend Tamer (£12.50) – looks like mascara, contains an Instant Frizz Fix serum. You just brush quickly over your flyaways, and it really works!

Finally the Rare Blend Oil Rejuvenating Therapy (£30, 45ml). I was surprised to hear from Jennie that my hair was fine – I’m not entirely convinced that is the case, naturally, but the result of  all the hairdye processes over the last few years.

Anyway, she recommended the Lightweight Texture of this oil, for fine, fragile hair, but I don’t think it really does much for my hair. This oil contains Oleifera Rouge, Ximenia, Tamanu, Jasmine, Algae Extract, Annatto and Ojon oils, and you can apply it to damp or dry hair for an extra boost.

All in all, this combination of Ojon haircare has been great for my hair. If you haven’t experienced the brand before, then check them out at ojon.co.uk. They are stocked in Boots stores