My 2014 Beauty Favourites

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Hundreds of products go through my hands every year in this job. I don’t blog about them all, I don’t love them all. Some I like, some I really don’t; some work for me, and not for others, and then there are those I love!

People always ask me what my favourite products are, and although I do have  small core number of musthaves, what I use does change from month to month, depending on new launches. So, I have had a wee look back over the year, and a wee think about what products I loved best in 2014 and am sharing them with you now.

There were a LOT of foundation launches this year. I blogged about most of them, and I have to say I didn’t love a lot of them. But back in April, the Bobbi Brown Skin Stick Foundation (£29, was launched, and it has never been out of my makeup bag since. I love it. So easy for touch-ups on the go, great coverage, great for the skin.

I like to top up the red on my hair between salon visits, and normally I use Fudge. But this year I discovered the brilliant Bleach London brand, and their fab and really cheap semi-permanent dyes. I am a convert to their I Saw Red! (£5,

best beauty 2014 one

In June, it was suncare launch time, and Clarins new Sun Oil Spray factor 3o (£18, looked appealing. Fast forward to August and I could not get enough of this on my summer holiday. Loved it. Hands down the best suncream I had with me, and I had a few. A dry oil, so not oily, absolutely protected me, and lasted about a week, which is what you would expect if applying properly.

Lipsticks are my first beauty love – red lipsticks in particular, and Clinique launched a treat of a new lippy in June, with their Soft Matte Lipsticks (£17, – I loved the bright reds, of course. Texture is matte, but creamy, colour is amazing, all in all well done, Clinique!

So, a lot of this year was taken up with trying to keep my hand and foot psoriasis under control. In August, I re-discovered old beauty favourite Eight Hour Cream from Elizabeth Arden (£26,, and I cannot get enough of it. On holiday it was everything – hand cream, foot cream, lip balm, hair treatment. I can’t imagine not having this in my handbag now. I am officially and Eight Hour Cream addict!

There are loads of perfume launches throughout the year, but this year my absolute favourite was Tom Ford Private Blend Patchouli Absolu  (£142, launched in September. I cannot stop spraying this. I must smell so heavily of this odd, weird, wonderful fragrance that is just SO addictive. Tom Ford fragrances may be a high price point, but boy do they last – and smell SO good. Invest next year!

beauty faves 2014 two

September was a luxurious month, with the launch of another high-end product, but one that is SO worth the money. Sisley’s Black Rose Precious Facial Oil (£136, has been with me since the launch. I lovingly apply it every day and it has done wonders for my skin.

Also in September, Estee Lauder launched their Englighten range for hyperpigmentation. A serum, a creme and an EE skin tone corrector, (from £34, all three of these products have worked wonders. I have seen a remarkable difference in the pigmentation on my face in the last four months. A brilliant, brilliant range that really works.

Finally, in October there were two products I was raving about. The first was BioEffect Daytime Dry Skin Moisturiser (£55, I am faithful to Clarins HydraQuench, but I tried this out, and wow, is it good. It is so rich and creamy, I felt compelled to scoop the whole pot out, but I didn;t of course! I just loved this. It made my skin smooth, completely rid me of any dry spots, and I cannot rate it highly enough.

The second was a mascara that I can’t rate highly enough. It really might be the only mascara I have had in a long time that does not smudge. It is a miracle! Max Factor’s Masterpiece Transform mascara (£9.99, is better than I thought when I first reviewed it. I have worn nothing but this since October, it’s that good.

So, there you have ten of my absolute beauty faves from 2014- what are yours?