Nanshy Makeup Brushes

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It’s all very well buying the latest makeup – but if you don’t have the right tools to apply it, what’s the point. Yes, sometimes a quick smudge with your ring finger works for a wash of eye colour. But there comes a time when you really need to invest in some proper makeup brushes. Brushes are expensive – but ask any makeup artist and they will tell you, they’re worth it.

I have spent around £20 on one eyeshadow blending brush before. So, I know how expensive good brushes are – and that’s not the most expensive out there at all! So, I was intrigued when a full set of 12 brushes landed on my desk last week – priced at £49.95. From a company called Nanshy, this Masterful Collection in Pearlescent White (also available in Onyx Black) is 100% vegan, and Peta/org approved.

Nanshy masterful collection white brushes

It is true that most makeup brushes are made of animal hair, namely squirrel, mink, sable, horse or goat hair. So, if you don’t like the thought of using animal hair to apply your makeup, then a synthetic fibre brush will be for you.

So, what are these Nanshy brushes all about – and how good are they? First up, they are really great to hold, and use. You can tell the difference from a real hair brush – they are softer to touch, and if not packed tightly, the fibres usually are too ‘loose’ to apply well. But, on every one of the shadow brushes that needs to be firm, these deliver.

There are 12 brushes in total – for the face, eyes and lips. I can imagine some of you are wondering what on earth 12 brushes are for? I have to admit, I probably won’t use them all either – but here’s what they all do!

nanshy brushes twoAngled Detailer: This is a multi-purpose brush that can be used to feather out, blend any harsh lines, highlight under the brow, apply a light coat of base, or even apply eye concealer, but I also like to use this to apply brow powder.

Crease: I really like this one. The perfect brush for creating a super soft shadow in the crease and also great for blending out concealer under the eyes.

Blending: An essential for eye makeup, this is designed to blend, so just swipe the brush wherever you want to soften edges or create a seamless transition between colours.

Contouring: Made famous by Kim Kardashian, contouring hasn’t been this popular since the 1980s! It’s not easy so you need the right brush. This one is quite big, so just be careful when contouring and shading. The shape follows the natural contour of you face for easy application.

Blush: This blush brush is a great size, and the densely  packed synthetic bristles provide even distribution. It’s firm enough to pick up the perfect amount of colour, yet soft enough to apply evenly, but not too soft. Love it.

Powder: Everyone needs a big old powder brush, and this one is a great size for even application of powders and mineral foundations, for velvety finishes You can also use it to apply bronzer.

Stippling: Never heard of this one? You won’t be alone, but you might go on to love it! Use it to apply your foundation for an airbrushed finish.You need to warm your foundation on the back of you hand, dip the brush in and then stipple all over your face, Just be sure to blend to too!nanshy brushes merle

Foundation: The more traditional foundation brush. A lot of you will probably use a sponge or your fingers to apply foundation, but really using a brush works wonders – once you do, you will wonder why you didn’t convert sooner! This one is quite small, but that allows you to get into all the nooks and crannies of your face!

Shader: The perfect brush for placing eye shadow on the lid. The bristles are firm and densely packed, so will pickup the right amount of colour. The size of the brush is perfect for fitting just on the lid.

Pencil: This one is like the Crease brush, just a little bigger. It’s great for blending out eyeliner, and for smudging shadow under the lower lashes, and creating a very defined outer eye area. You will love this brush when creating a smokey eye.

Liner: A really small eyeliner brush that allows you to easily apply a line of liquid or gel eyeliner for definition. Our liner brush features an easy application of colour for you to smoothly and expertly line the contours for definition.

Lip: This one has its own case, which becomes the handle. Perfect for applying lipstick and gloss. Start in the centre, and brush out towards the corners.

So, that’s the full set of 12 Nanshy brushes from the Masterful Collection. The brand offers all sorts of other sets as well as individual brushes. Check them out at