Max Factor Masterpiece Transform Mascara

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I honestly think the most launches every year in the beauty industry must be for mascaras. There seems to be an infinite number available, and a new one is always being launched. The latest one to land on my desk is Max Factor’s Masterpiece Transform Mascara which launches mid-October – so now really.

And this mascara was used at the Victoria Beckham AW14 show, by makeup artist, Pat McGrath. “Victoria wanted the girls to stay looking very natural, but to enhance their beauty
with simple touches of make-up,” explained Pat. “This included important details such as adding extra luminosity to the skin and subtly lifting the lashes – it’s all about natural glamour
that’s so modern and relevant to today.”

Max Factor MAsterpiece Transform MAscara

For the Victoria Beckham AW14 show, Pat McGrath applied Masterpiece Transform Mascara directly on the roots of the models lashes to give a localised hit of volume at the lash root for a look that fitted seamlessly with the aesthetic of the designs. The beautifully lifted lashes gave the essential finishing touch to the eyes. Pat used NEW Max Factor Masterpiece Transform Mascara on the roots only. This is not something I’ve been trying, but I might!

I’m not that familiar with Max factor mascaras, but I know a lot of people rate them. So, I’ve been enjoying giving this one a go. It’s all about the wand here, and the brush – which isn’t really a brush. It’s very slender, and more like a silicone multi-sided comb, if that makes sense. I am not a fan of big mascara brushes, so that’s a plus for me right away.The application process, so say Max Factor, is revolutionised because the slender brush maximises contact for the mascara with the lash. So, it saturates the lashes with a big hit of volume when you first apply. It does go on very easily, grabbing each and every lash and is easy to brush through from the root to the tip.

It made my lashes look full, thick and long, which is what we all want, right? But natural, with no clogging, or too much thickness. I have been trying the black/brown shade, and I have to say – and if you have read some of my other mascara reviews on here you will know this – that I am such a convert to brown and brown/black mascaras. I think they really brighten and open up the eye.

Smudge-wise this mascara is like many, it does smudge a wee bit, but it’s nothing that I can’t deal with, and it’s not as bad as some – one Estee Lauder mascara I love keeps smudging just below my brow, as it takes so long to dry. Not a good look!

The Max Factor Masterpiece Transform Mascara is £9.99, Boots, from mid-October