Andrea's wedding look #2: Miss Barton's

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Yesterday we shared our Andrea’s wedding look from VIP Hair & Beauty.

Andrea, our sales coordinator, is getting married to her long term love Martin and we asked three salons to give her a wedding look of their choice with no input from the bride!

Here’s Andrea’s second wedding look from Miss Barton’s salon in the West End.


 Andrea’s make up look was done by Miss Barton’s Asia who created a dramatic, smokey eye with a nude lip.

“When I looked at Andrea, the first thing I saw was her eyes so I wanted them to stand out.”

“A lot of brides used to go for natural make with tight pulled back hair but we’ve seen a lot of brides changing now and going for a smokey eye.”



Grecian style

For her hair, stylist Alanna created a soft “Grecian” style with a side plait and soft waves pinned up at the back.

She said: “Andrea has a natural wave in her hair so we kept that and created a soft Grecian style.”

“You don’t want to go in on your wedding day looking like you’ve had a facelift. There’s nothing worse than hair that takes two days to loosen. So we created a soft and natural looking style.”

“Romantic styles like this are really popular with brides at the moment. Plaits and vintage styles are also currently very popular.”


Check back tomorrow for Andrea’s third and final wedding look…

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