Adee Phelan Glasgow's hair selfie winner

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Here at 5pm Health & Beauty we often host competitions with brilliant prizes. But when Adee Phelan Glasgow approached us in February and told us what they wanted to give away to one lucky 5pmer, even we were impressed. It was one of those competitions we asked around the office “do you think it would be okay if we entered?”

The prize – a full head of luxury extensions with a cut and colour match worth £1000!

Hair selfie

The winner had to upload their best hair selfie to our 5pm Health & Beauty Facebook page and, if they wished, leave a comment explaining why they needed the extensions.

After looking through all the selfies, and a lot of careful consideration, Kevin O’Neill, Director of Adee Phelan Glasgow, picked Karen Shields, 28, from Airdrie as the lucky winner.


Karen before her extensions

Kevin picked Karen because he thought her hair would particularly benefit from extensions and in her accompanying comment she said she wanted to give her very fine hair a boost.

“I picked Karen because with her it was more about volume,” Kevin said. “Whereas a lot of the entries mentioned wanting long hair.”

“She always had fine hair and all she wanted was to have thicker hair.”

Karen was thrilled when we contacted her with the news.

“’I’ve always wanted hair extensions,” she said.

“My real hair is really really fine. When it grows it’s just fine and has no volume. I have a wee boy who is two so it it’s nice to have a day to myself to get a makeover. I was so shocked when 5pm got in touch. I’ve never won anything before!”

Adee Phelan Beauty Works

Karen didn’t just win any old extensions – she was getting Adee Phelan Beauty Works extensions which are made of the highest quality, justifying the price tag.


Kevin working his magic

“Many other extensions are made from hair of different lengths but with Beauty Works extensions every hair is the same length,” Kevin said.

“The hair is sourced from India and lies in a bath for a month to take the colour out. Other extension companies strip the colour right away.”

“The attachable bond is a very natural product. There is no glue and it’s easily removed.”

Kevin began by cutting Karen’s hair to shoulder length to get rid of the split ends.

“Her hair was in bad condition because she had been growing it and had split ends the whole way up.” he said. “It’s not just a myth you need to get your hair trimmed every six weeks. Split ends travel up the hair so getting it trimmed helps it grow.”

Kevin then washed Karen’s hair before blow drying and styling it.

He then applied the extensions and coloured them to match Karen’s hair, before washing them again and cutting the extensions into her hair, using a razor to blend.

He then blow dried and put rollers in to give even more volume.

The result…..


Karen with her new extensions

“It’s the hair I always wanted!” a thrilled Karen said.

“It’s amazing! I’m totally transformed and the extensions feel so lovely!”

“My friends and family will not believe it’s extensions. They will all become Adee Phelan clients when they see how amazing Kevin is. I have a new hairdresser.”

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