Beauty Adventures: Hot Bamboo Massage

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Swedish, deep tissue, aromatherapy, hot stone.

When it comes to massage, here at 5pm Health & Beauty we’ve tried it and loved it all.

So when I saw an offer at Partick’s Tranquil Times for a “hot bamboo massage” I immediately wanted to find out more.


Louise enjoys the massage

Heated bamboo

The first thing I wanted to know was, what on earth is a hot bamboo massage?

Tranquil’s Times 5pm profile described it as “gently heated pieces of smooth bamboo used for kneading tight muscle

s and rolling out tension. The soothing heat encourages the muscles to relax, making it easier to access those underlying tighter areas which are causing pain.”

Sounded great to me.

The massage would be carried out by Kirstie Kachkach, Massage Therapist at Tranquil Times, who assured me of the benefits

of hot bamboo.

“The smooth feel of the bamboo as well as the heat allows you to give a really good deep tissue massage,” she said.

“The sticks lets you dig deep. You can get right in there to attack the knots.”

“A lot of people who do sport get this massage but it really suits everyone.”



Bamboo sticks

To demonstrate and allow me to take a few photos, Kirstie first tried the massage out on her colleague Louise.

Her moans of pleasure and repetitions of “that feels amazing” assured me I was going to enjoy it.

Kirstie began the massage by pouring oil on my back and relaxing my muscles by massaging them with her hands.

She then brought out the bamboo sticks which she used to knead and roll down my back.


Louise tries the hot bamboo massage.


The smaller bamboo sticks were used to get right in between the muscles and attack the knots of tension.

Kirstie then brought out a large bamboo stick which she rolled down my back before covering me up with a towel and bringing out smaller cloth covered sticks which she drummed all down my back and legs, giving those pesky knots of tension one last beating.

May sound a bit strange but it felt wonderful.

I floated all the way home and once I sat down realised how zonked I was. Not only was the massage for effective at tending sore muscles, it was also extremely relaxing.

I recommend you add the hot bamboo to your “must try” list of massages.

Watch the video above to get the full affect.

Fancy trying the hot bamboo massage? Tranquil Times in Glasgow’s Partick are offering the massage on 5pm for £25 instead of £40. For more massage offers visit 5pm Health & Beauty.