Nail colours to suit your skintone Part 2 #manisweek

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On Wednesday we shared our Customer Care Advisor Jennifer’s manicure story.

Today, continuing our mani week, I’ll tell you why I decided to think pink.

(With a good helping of glitter and Swarovski cystals on top).

Therapy Hair & Spa

Like Ruth and Jennifer before me, I handed all control over my manicurist Jane Learmond at Therapy Hair & Spa, Broomhill.

Jane certainly had a job on her hands. I must admit, my poor wee nails have been greatly neglected of late. Just check out those cuticles. Yeeuch.


My nails – before

After sorting them out with a good tidyup followed by a sturdy basecoat, Jane began to think about colour.

At first she started painting my nails a sophisticated shade of grey but changed her mind after seeing the contrast with my skintone. As it turns out, peely wally purple/blue skin and grey polish don’t go together well.

Grey may do it for Anastasia Steele but unfortunately not for me.


Jane attending to my nails.

Think Pink

Instead, Jane decided to go for a brighter shade of pink (Jessica Geleration Flirtation to be exact) which suited my pasty skin much better.

She topped off the colour with pink tourmaline glitter and a few sprinklings of pink and grey Swarovski element crystals in my left pinky and right index finger.

One of the best things about a Jessica Geleration manicure is how long it lasts. The average staying power is 10 to 14 days, and Jane said she’s even had clients say it has lasted three weeks.

Every time I glance down at my bright glittery nails it’s an instant pick me up. Just perfect for upcoming Spring.


Tah Dah! My pink glittery nails.

Like my glittery mani? You can get one too for £18 instead of £23 for a gel and glittery mani from  Therapy Hair & Spa, Broomhill, Glasgow only on 5pm Health and Beauty. Check our website for even more mani discounts.