British Women Feel Most Beautiful at 29

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According to recent research we women in the UK feel at our most beautiful aged 29. That year before we hit the big 3-0 is when we think we look her best. My dad used to tell me a tale of a boss of his who once asked him how old he was, and upon my dad’s response of 29, stated that 29 was a ‘good age’. The research from St. Ives skincare clearly agrees.

Almost a quarter of British woman (23%) feel at their most naturally beautiful at 29, with over a third (39%) stating that they believe their looks to be at their peak at this age. Celebs like Khloe Kardashian, Katy Perry,  Avril Lavigne, Mandy Moore, Kelly Osbourne and Ashlee Simpson are all 29 – we wonder if they feel their most beautiful right now?

british women beautiful at 29

Having left 29 behind over a decade ago, I can’t remember if I felt beautiful or not, but I did feel confident – and that accounts for 57% of the women questioned choosing 29. Falling in love (31%) and being in a stable relationship (31%) were amongst the other factors. I was neither of these at 29!

Age aside, it seems that the Friday feeling makes a difference too, with around 33% of women questioned stating that during the week, they feel their most gorgeous at 10am on a Friday!

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