24 carat gold facial

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It’s celebrity week on 5pm Health & Beauty so we’re taking a look at the treatments the stars love.

A very opulent treatment offered by Cabe Salons (Beauty) in Glasgow is the 24 carat gold facial which uses products flecked with real gold to treat the skin.

Mariah Carey loves it apparently and Cleopatra was known to apply a gold mask before sleeping.

Inspired by these two very glamorous ladies, I headed along to Cabe Salons at Charing Cross to try it out.


The mask containing real 24 carat gold.

Celebrity pampering

Cabe’s Beauty Therapist Emma Sharp was the ideal person to carry out this treatment – she pampered many celebrities when she lived in Sydney, Australia, including supermodel Elle Macpherson!

“The gold facial is suitable for any skin type and it’s non reactive so it won’t irritate your skin,” Emma told me before carrying out the facial.

“The gold contains 1000 times the amount of hyaluronic acid in your skin so it’s like giving your skin a big glass of water.”

“It suits all skin types but is primarily used for anti ageing.”


Smothered with the 24 carat gold mask.

24 carat gold

Emma started the facial by giving me a relaxing massaged before cleansing my skin with the 24 carat gold cleanser.

She then exfoliated to bring all the toxins and impurities to the top of my face before applying the 24 carat gold mask.

While the mask was one, she gave me an Indian head massage and arm massage before removing the mask with a hot towel.

Lying in the dark being massaged with the mask on my face was blissful – the facial was incredibly relaxing as well as beneficial to my skin.


Gold fizz to match my gold facial.

Glass of fizz

To finish, Emma applied a 24 carat gold anti ageing serum and moisturiser then some Bare Minerals make up.

And to top off the luxurious experience, I was offered a glass of fizz, the sparkly gold colour of the drink matching the products as well as the new glow on my face.

In fact when I arrived back in the 5pm office, my colleague said I was “glowing”  and my skin felt soft and plump to touch.

Beauty treatments don’t get much more indulgent – Mariah Carey and Cleopatra really do know what they’re talking about.

The 24 carat gold facial is available at Cabe Salons (Beauty) for £30 instead of £75 for September ONLY on 5pm Health & Beauty.