My First Manicure

2 min read

Confession: up until yesterday I was a manicure virgin. Terrible isn’t it. I just never placed that much importance on my nails. When they got too long I trimmed them with a pair of clippers to keep them neat and tidy, but that was it. I even paint my toenails regularly but never my fingernails. I saw them as functional, to use for scratching and opening things. So for 5pm Health & Beauty manis and pedis week, I decided it was the perfect opportunity to treat my poor neglected nails to some long overdue attention.


Before: Yikes.

Aveda @ James Dun’s House

The location of my first ever manicure was James Dun’s House, a stylish salon in Glasgow’s Merchant City. My manicurist Ashleigh led me to their treatment room downstairs and started by working on my hands with an Aveda salt scrub – James Dun’s House only uses Aveda products – before rubbing them with oil. I was then treated to a hand and scalp massage – so relaxing – before my hands were wrapped in hot towels and placed in heated packages, kind of like hot water bottles. You could really see the difference afterwards – my hands were noticeably softer than before.

Then came the nails. I left the colour up to Ashleigh, I am the manicure novice after all, and she picked the OPI colour Barefoot In Barcelona, a classic taupe shade. Before applying the colour she filed the ends, tidied up the cuticles and applied a base coat (there was a lot of work to be done to these ragged nails).


After: Polished and Pampered

I completely understand why so many women make time for a manicure. My new shiny coloured nails made me feel that little bit extra special and gave me a boost for the rest of the day. Not mention how relaxing the massage was. Now I can’t stop looking at my hands. It was my first ever manicure but I’m certain it won’t be my last.

James Dun’s House has lots of manicure offers to pamper your hands and, of course, we have lots more manicure and pedicure offers on 5pm Health & Beauty.