Clarins New Extra-Firming Day and Night Creams

Never mind a spring in your step, Clarins aim to put a spring in your skin this spring, with their new Extra Firming Day and Night Cream Duo. Are you experiencing small lines around the eyes? A less defined facial shape? Maybe the first signs of slackening? If the answer is yes, then these new creams are for you. Clarins has been taking care of skins with firming creams for over 40 years, but these new versions contain a new plant … [Read more...]

Awaken Your Skin With Tulasara from Aveda

Sometimes, it can get a bit stale in the beauty world - same old colour stories each season, same old moisturiser launches, etc, etc. But, on occasion, there are some super launches that get beauty editors sittingup in their chairs, and really noticing. Aveda's Tulasara is one of those. It's something completely new, and I am intrigued. Tulasara skincare is based on Ayurvedic wisdom. According to Ayurveda, we are all comprised of five elements; … [Read more...]