Strawberries & Cream Beauty

Are you watching Wimbledon? It's such a British institution we can't ignore it, and so today's post is all about a Wimbledon favourite - strawberries and cream! Well, sort of! I've rounded up some strawberry and cream beauty products to get us in the Wimbledon mood! (Come on Andy Murray!) Paul Mitchell's The Cream will not taste good with strawberries, so don't please pour it over them, but do use it on your poor, parched, hair. It's like a … [Read more...]

Beauty Bargain of the Week – Wimbledon inspired

We can all spend a fortune on beauty products, but we don’t need to. Every week, I’m going to bring you my ‘Beauty Bargain of the Week‘  – a product I’ve used, and would recommend, and that, on most occasions, costs less than a fiver! What’s not to like!   So, I ended last week with a Beauty Bargain, and here I start this week with another. I'm going to be watching Wimbledon (come on Andy Murray!) as I work this week, and this lovely Iced … [Read more...]