Vegan Body Yoghurt from The Body Shop

The Body Shop launch a new range of body moisturisers this month - Body Yoghurts. And they're 100 per cent vegan. Let's be honest, body moisturising is a pain, agreed? According to research 35 per cent of women in the UK don't use a body moisturiser - because it takes too long to apply. So, these new fast-absorbing Body Yoghurts take just 15 seconds to absorb in to your skin. They also come in gorgeous tubs - who doesn't love scooping the … [Read more...]

Veganuary beauty

Yes, I know, every time I mention the word 'Veganuary' my husband's face contorts. It's fair to say annoys him,  this constant marketing of months! But it is what it is, and if you are going vegan for January you might want to extend it to your beauty regime. This new  brand - Utopia - is a vegan and cruelty-free skincare range. I've not tried it, I'll let you know that now. There's been a hold up on samples. On first impression from the images, … [Read more...]

Tara Smith haircare at M&S

There I was in Glasgow's Rogano a few Monday nights back, enjoying a glass of champagne, when who should I bump into but an old friend, who was having a late night drink with Tara Smith. Tara Smith of the vegan haircare range which has just launched into Marks and Spencer Your Beauty halls in Scotland. 'You need some Shine On on that hair,' shouted Tara from across the bar, and went to on to tell me (a few times) that her products are 'tested … [Read more...]