Estee Lauder NEW Perfectionist Pro UV Fluid SPF45

I'm not sure what category you'd put this new Estee Lauder product into, but it is the last step in your skincare regime, so probably a primer - with SPF benefits. The new Estée Lauder Perfectionist Pro UV Fluid SPF 45 is a hybrid to help protect your skin against those damaging UVA/UVB rays, and a whole lot more, including pollution. So, how does it work? First of all it uses a patent-pending formula featuring Lauder's Tiger Lily Extract … [Read more...]

Be Safe in the Sun

Sunshine! Hallelujah! And with some heat in it too. But, that also means it has some UVA and UVB rays in it, and those aren't such good news. So, if you are out in the sunshine make sure you have some sun protection on. This is particularly important for us fair-skinned Scots. Your fake tan may give you a golden glow, but remember your real Scots peely-wally tone is not good in the sun. We need to be careful and cover up. Factor 30 is … [Read more...]

New Look for Boots’ Soltan range

Well, summer finally arrived at the weekend and then some! Wow, it was hot! If you are suffering from a bit too much of the sun this morning, then I hope you have some aftersun. I was liberally applying mine last night after turning a little pink in the garden! Sunscreen and aftersun should be bathroom cupboard staples in this country - that may sound daft, but you really should wear some sort of SPF every day on your face to avoid the UVA … [Read more...]