NEW Aveda Invati Advanced haircare range

Aveda launched their Invati range six years ago (wow, I've been writing about beauty for a LONG time!). The Invati Solutions for Thinning Hair range became the brand's best-selling global franchise in super-speedy time, putting the spotlight on thinning hair in women. It's still a consistent award-winner internationally and EVERY SECOND there are TWO people using an Invati product! Now, it's been improved, upgraded and relaunched and it's … [Read more...]

RapidHair for Volume!

We've had RapidLash and RapidBrow, and there was also RapidShield. All amazing, innovative products to promote healthy growth in your eyelashes and brows. So, it was only a matter of time before we were introduced to RapidHair! This volumizing formula is a  scientific breakthrough in the hair care category for women. Basically, it moisturises and conditions the hair and scalp, and, thanks to a complex called the Hexatein® 4 Complex which … [Read more...]