Keep On Tanning!

What a summer we've had this year so far - how long can it last? A little bit of rain is forecast as temperatures drop slightly in the next week or so (so the weather folks tell me!), so if you want to keep that tan you've achieved, maybe time to top it up with a little bit of fake. It's incredible to have a natural tan in Scotland, agreed? But if you need a bit more of a tan, then there are plenty of offers on 5pm Spa and Beauty. I'm also … [Read more...]

Tanning Deals

Snow. Right, that's enough of that, I think. What is going on with this neverending winter?! So, let's NOT talk snow, and talk tanning instead. Okay, you might not be showing off your limbs, still wrapped up in winter clothes, but surely having a bit of a tan will make you feel better at least. I was browsing Instagram  recently and noticed St Tropez's new PURITY Bronzing Water Mousse (£31, Boots). Looks great, but I'm no good when it comes … [Read more...]

Fake tan news!

Fake tan is here to stay, that's a fact. I'm not a fan, but if there was one beauty trend I would say will most likely never end, it is this. I learned long ago that, pale-skinned and Scottish, even when I did get a hint of a tan, I was never going to have that beautiful olive skin I wished for. I spent years, quite frankly, orange, when fake tans were at their most primitive. I tried everything, and then I stopped. But fake tan didn't! The … [Read more...]

Fake Bake Flawless Coconut Tanning Serum

Fake Bake have just launched another tan - just in time for the start of British summertime! The clocks went forward at the weekend, the nights are lighter, and, HOPEFULLY, the weather will warm up too! When that happens, we have to bare our skin, and, even those of us who don't normally tan, sometimes want a little bit of sunshine glow.And with coconut being a buzzword in all things beauty and health, Fake Bake have captured the zeitgeist with  … [Read more...]

Body Treatments & Tanning

In case you haven't already noticed, 5pm Health & Beauty has Spring Fever! We're focused on helping you out of hibernation and into the sunshine with our very best moisturising, buffing and tanning offers. Salt and Oil Scrub Exposing your skin for the first time in months is a terrifying thought, which is why we've sourced our best deals to prep your body for spring. Glasgow's Spa In The City have an amazing 5pm discount on their Top To Toe … [Read more...]