Be Safe in the Sun

Sunshine! Hallelujah! And with some heat in it too. But, that also means it has some UVA and UVB rays in it, and those aren't such good news. So, if you are out in the sunshine make sure you have some sun protection on. This is particularly important for us fair-skinned Scots. Your fake tan may give you a golden glow, but remember your real Scots peely-wally tone is not good in the sun. We need to be careful and cover up. Factor 30 is … [Read more...]

Sunscreen for the Longest Day…

It's the longest day of the year today - more hours of daylight than any other. But will those hours be sunny, that's the question? Last year it was my wedding day, and it was beautiful! We lucked out with our weather, but will we need suncream on our anniversary? Most likely not, but if you are in need of suncream today, then have you tried, or do you remember P20? It's a blast from the past for me, and I had to write this post about it - … [Read more...]

Super Suncare

Okay, I know, we've had more rain than sun of late, but there are moments when it shines (today is a good day, yeah?!), and if you are off on holiday soon, you will need this super suncare guide! Following on from last week's facial suncare post, it's the turn of your body this week Don't leave home/hotel/apartment/tent/villa without sunscreen. And make sure you take enough to last you the duration of your holiday with proper coverage. You need … [Read more...]

Summer SPF time – from Clinique and Clarins

Okay, so the weather has turned a wee bit rubbish today after a gorgeous  Easter Bank Holiday weekend, but summer is coming. Trust me. It will be here. I know this because it's that time of the beauty calendar year again when all my email subjects have 'SPF' or 'UVA/UVB' in them somewhere! First up this week was Clinique's new Even Better Dark Spot Defense SPF45, which is formulated with 100% non-chemical sunscreen, providing high-level UBA/UBV … [Read more...]

Ask Merle!

So, you may have noticed that there was a chance to 'Ask Merle' on the 5pm Health and Beauty Facebook page last month. This will be a regular thing, every month, so if you have any beauty questions you want answered, then please do look out for the Ask Merle FB post, and get asking! This month's question came from Liz who asked "I can never tan my legs properly, and I'm going abroad soon! Any tips?" I think Liz was asking about that age-old … [Read more...]

Suncream Reviews – National Sun Awareness Week

Sunday marks the end of National Sun Awareness Week, and whilst it might not seem something that you think about when we hardly see the sun in Scotland, don't be fooled. The sun is wonderful, but can be damaging to your health. On a recent holiday abroad, in blistering temperatures of 29 degrees Celsius and upwards, my skin felt great - my dry patches eased up, my dermatitis was gone. We have become a little afraid of the sun in recent times, … [Read more...]

A new kind of suncare…

So, the heatwave is on its way, and that means baring our bodies, soaking in the rays, and having fun in the sun. But, most importantly protecting ourselves from the harmful rays. Yes, okay, everyone loves a bit of a tan, and some in Scotland more than most, but without wanting to completely rain on the sunny parade, we have ridiculously high statistics for skin cancer - so get that suncream on! I am so looking forward to using this brand new, … [Read more...]