Daisy Sunshine by Marc Jacobs

When this lovely bottle landed on my desk it made me smile! Who doesn't love sunny yellow? Especially at this time of year. So thank you Marc Jacobs for launching a Sunshine line of your iconic Daisy. There are four lovely bottles - four fragrances - available at The Perfume Shop now in the new Marc Jacobs Daisy Sunshine range. Buying one is guaranteed to put a smile on your face! They smell pretty good … [Read more...]

Body Misting with Jo Loves and Vera Wang

Hands up if you sometimes want a hint of scent, but not a full-on blast of EDP, cologne or EDT? That's where a fragranced body mist comes in. We're not talking Impulse or anything else quite so 1985, but actual fragrance brand body mists. I've had two  of them land on my desk in the last week - both very different. First up is Vera Wang's Embrace collection in mist form. There are three scents to choose from - Green Tea & Pear Blossom, … [Read more...]

Summer Scents

Summer Scents are big business in the perfume industry. A lot of big names release variations on best-sellers, or have their very own 'holiday' ranges. I always struggle with the idea of changing my perfume in summer. I like what I wear, so why change it? But, sometimes, a change is as good as a rest, as my mum loves to say, and when there are simple summer scents out there to try, why not? I've been dousing myself in the absolutely … [Read more...]

Tom Ford’s Fleur De Portofino

Another new Private Blend from Tom Ford? Yes, please! This one is Fleur De Portofino. It's the fourth scent in the Neroli Portofino collection, and like the others, it comes in a gorgeous blue glass bottle, this one a delightful pale blue. It's a floral complement  to the eau-fraiche vibrancy of Neroli, the oceanic woodiness of Costa Azzurra and citrus-herbal effervescence of Mandaino Di Amalfi. According to Tom Ford, it 'explores the hypnotic … [Read more...]