Queen of Pop by Poppy Delevingne for Jo Malone London

POW! Look at this cute collection from Jo Malone London. Curated by Poppy Delevingne, this bold and bright collection contains colognes, candles and brand new bubbles! New for 2018, Jo Malone launches Bubble Bath. It comes in three scents -  Nectarine Blossom & Honey, Black Cedarwood & Juniper (both £58), and Velvet Rose & Oud (£68). Each one comes in a gorgeous  500ml pink bottle. The luxurious, scented formula is enriched with a … [Read more...]

Summer Scents

Summer Scents are big business in the perfume industry. A lot of big names release variations on best-sellers, or have their very own 'holiday' ranges. I always struggle with the idea of changing my perfume in summer. I like what I wear, so why change it? But, sometimes, a change is as good as a rest, as my mum loves to say, and when there are simple summer scents out there to try, why not? I've been dousing myself in the absolutely … [Read more...]

Tom Ford’s Fleur De Portofino

Another new Private Blend from Tom Ford? Yes, please! This one is Fleur De Portofino. It's the fourth scent in the Neroli Portofino collection, and like the others, it comes in a gorgeous blue glass bottle, this one a delightful pale blue. It's a floral complement  to the eau-fraiche vibrancy of Neroli, the oceanic woodiness of Costa Azzurra and citrus-herbal effervescence of Mandaino Di Amalfi. According to Tom Ford, it 'explores the hypnotic … [Read more...]

Clarins Eau Dynamisante celebrates 25 years

When I was Fashion Editor at the Daily Record, my regular makeup artist on shoots, Terri Craig, used to wear Clarins Eau Dynamisante all the time. I recall trips to Greece, with Terri dowsing everyone in it. It brings back happy memories of fun times. I guess Terri would love the special Eau Dynamisante 25th Anniversary Limited Edition Glitter Bottle, released this month to celebrate. If you've never smelled this classic Clarins fragrance then … [Read more...]

Colognes from L’Occitane

I adore the packaging on these new L'Occitane Eaux de Cologne, and the scents are pretty nice too. There are three new Colognes from Provence - one for men, one for women, and one unisex. A cologne is a water-based fragrance, and is perfect for the summer months. First up there is Eau Ravissante, a floral cologne, for women. Flower petals are combined with citrus fruits to give this a gorgeous, light, mischievous fragrance! Eau Universelle, is … [Read more...]

Body Shop Mists

We can but hope that by June, when these new Body Shop Mists go on sale, we'll have a bit of sunshine, and will be feeling more summery! But if not, splash on one of these lovely fragrances and feel it anyway! Choose from eight different scents - fruity Coconut, Strawberry, Satsuma, Mango or Pink Grapefruit, or fresh Shea, Moringa or Vanilla. Roll on the good weather! Body Shop Mists, £7 each, available from June, bodyshop.co.uk   … [Read more...]

Scent of Summer…

It really is officially summer, not that we've had much here in Scotland right enough! But just because it doesn't feel like summer, doesn't mean you can't smell like summer! There are dozens of 'summer' fragrances on the market .What's your favourite? I love all things Chanel, but I've recently been wearing this gorgeous trio of perfumes from French beauty brand, Caudalie. Fleur de Vigne, Zeste de Vigne and Thé des Vignes are designed to be … [Read more...]