Sunny Summer Beauty

Are you in a summer state of mind? I can't help drifting constantly to the beach in my mind, which is a nightmare, as I won't be heading there until at least August! This time of year is when we all start craving our sunny summer holidays, and who isn't keeping everything crossed that we get the summer weather we had last year? So, to keep things sunny, here are six sunny beauty buys that will at least have you feeling the summer vibes, even if … [Read more...]

Holiday in a Bottle

Holiday in a Bottle? Yes please! The sun's shining on and off now, but we're still dreaming of sunnier climes, and holidays, right? And then this little beauty arrived - Time Bomb Holiday in a Bottle. It's the perfect little bottle of sunshine, when there is none. It's not a stain, not a self-tan, or a foundation. It's oil-free, paraben-free liquid sunshine, and it's quite a clever little bottle, actually. It has these little … [Read more...]