Smashbox Petal Metal X Vlada Collection

This collection from Smashbox launched in July, and I first saw it back in early Spring. Rose Gold was EVERYWHERE back then, and I guess it's still having a moment. This 16 piece curated collection was co-created by Instagram star makeup artist, Vlada Haggerty, she of the 'drip lip. Rose Gold is her signature colour. Smashbox call her Lip Editior-in-Chief - now that's a title!   The beauty of this collection is that the shades don’t … [Read more...]

Escape with Estee Lauder Companies…

Hello Beautiful Escape! This is such a cute little buy from Estee Lauder Companies, featuring many  of their top brands, perfect for a summer escape! Housed in a cute tropical print makeup bag, there are products worth £73, and the whole thing will set you back just £25. How fab is that? It's a great way to get familiar with brands you might not know, and there are a few little gems in there. The Beautiful Escape Edition includes the … [Read more...]

Smashbox Be Legendary – 120 Shades of Lipstick!

What's that? Smashbox had a great selection of lipstick formulas and colours? Don't be daft! Clearly they needed to up their game and launch more! Smashbox have just launched an incredible 120 shades of their Be Legendary lipstick. Count 'em! 120! That's 74 moisturising creams, and 46 smooth mattes to choose from, in, well, all the lip colours you would ever need, I suspect. I'm not about to list them here, but they are all in colour families … [Read more...]

NEW Smashbox Lipsticks

SMASHBOX have been focusing a lot on the lips of late. They recently relaunched their Be Legendary lipsticks, with lots of new colours, and various formats. They also launched a brilliant beauty transformer, Insta-Matte, which turns cream lipstick to matte, which we blogged about last month, and they have another innovative product just launched in the form of a clear lipliner. First, those lipsticks. Creams are packed with shea butter … [Read more...]

Smashbox Primer Water

I was a little bit sceptical about this latest launch when I first saw it last year. Essentially, it's water. Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water launches next month, and it's a spritz of, well, water, which will prime, hydrate and give radiance. Essentially it's the iconic Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer, which was developed in 2015, to help makeup look better, last longer, and to blur imperfections on shoots, in a lighter, purer, … [Read more...]

Smashbox Double Exposure Palette

When I first saw this palette last month, I thought 'wow'. It's a heck of a palette, beauty fans. And, the cleverest bit of all? It's all in the name. It's called the Smashbox Double Exposure Palette because 14 shadows transform into 28  with just a little water. And, they really do transform, remarkably. Some of them get more vibrant, some get deeper, some turn metallic and others sparkle! The possibilities with this palette are endless. The … [Read more...]

Smashbox Love Lips

Two new products have recently launched at the Smashbox counter -both for lips. I am REALLY excited about the first one, the Always Sharp Lip Liner. I was stupidly impressed with the Always Sharp Eye Liners when I saw them last year - and wrote about them here. But as I actually wear Lip Liner more than eyeliner, this launch is way more exciting. It's the same principle - the liner is sharp, you use it, it goes blunt, then you twist the lid back … [Read more...]