YourGoodSkin at Boots

There's a new skincare range at Boots  - YourGoodSkin. I saw it sitting, a wee bit forlornly, in a makeshift 'display' at a local store last week. It was a bit of a sorry old Boots store in need of refurb, but the new range was there. This is a US collaboration I guess, as it's sold in Walgreens and Boots exclusively, and has been co-created with scientists, dermatologist, and a community of thousands of women. Does Boots need a new skincare … [Read more...]

The Ordinary skincare

Don't believe the hype? Or do believe the hype? The Ordinary, created by Deciem, is a beauty collection that arrived on the scene last year with a LOT of hype. Sali Hughes devoted a whole column to the range in the Guardian, and Caroline Hirons interviewed the man behind the brand on her blog. The products are cheap - most of them are under a tenner, which, of course, makes beauty fans question their efficacy. How can they make them so … [Read more...]

New Primers and Concealers from NARS

NARS are concentrating on our complexions for the start of 2017 - they launched new primers on January 1, and are following up with a new concealer on February 1. There are three new Face Primers to choose from -  to boost it, blur it, and smooth it, say NARS. The Radiance Primer SPF 35/PA+++ contains a Radiance Boosting Complex which works to revive dull, fatigued skin instantly and over time. Encapsulated sunscreen beads release on contact … [Read more...]

Bobbi Brown Remedies

January seems to be a month when everyone wants to 'fix' things - their bodies, their ambition, their personalities even. To fix anything you need a remedy and Bobbi Brown has just that if it's a beauty issue you want to address. Bobbi launches her Remedies collection to help with various skin issues we might want to fix. Inspired by her holistic approach to beauty, Bobbi Brown Remedies is a collection of six treatments that target … [Read more...]

Aveda’s Daily Light Guard

Aveda's latest big launch is a sunscreen for the face, to help prevent ageing from the sun. Sadly, when the sun shines, mixed with our joy is fear of it burning, or ageing us. The sun is wonderful - and we do need some Vitamin D, but we have to be careful of its rays, and not getting too much of it. This isn't a holiday sunscreen as such, but, if you're off on a city break, or we get a heatwave here (here's hoping!), then it's perfect. AND - … [Read more...]

Clarins launch Multi Active Day & Night Cream

If you are aged between 30 and 39, then you need the new Clarins Multi Active Day & Night Cream collection in your beauty regime. Using cutting-edge technology and the power of plants, Clarins has created a non-stop skin care duo, which will help the key cell responsible for youthful skin - the fibroblast. This cell ensures the smooth, toned look of skin thanks to its production of collagen and elastin fibres. A fibroblast can become worn … [Read more...]

Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Foundation

Another new foundation? Yes, but this one is a wee bit different. Inspired by her holistic approach to beauty, Bobbi has created a luxe hybrid foundation, the perfect blend of skincare and makeup. Intensive Skin Serum Foundation SPF40 'beautifies from the inside out' with super-charged serum ingredients, including Cordyceps Mushroom, a powerful tonic used in traditional Chinese medicine, along with Bobbi's signature skintone correct … [Read more...]

24 carat gold facial

It's celebrity week on 5pm Health & Beauty so we're taking a look at the treatments the stars love. A very opulent treatment offered by Cabe Salons (Beauty) in Glasgow is the 24 carat gold facial which uses products flecked with real gold to treat the skin. Mariah Carey loves it apparently and Cleopatra was known to apply a gold mask before sleeping. Inspired by these two very glamorous ladies, I headed along to Cabe Salons at Charing … [Read more...]