Friday Face Mask: Erborian Matte & Glow Shot Masks

Face Masks had that moment where everyone was doing them, all the time. The more instagrammable the better it seemed. How they looked on seemed to be more important than what they did (if anything) for a while there. I think we reached 'peak masking', and something else came along to draw the influencers in, but I still love a good face mask, and I do like a sheet mask most of all - they are easy to use, simple to apply, and they give you that … [Read more...]

New masks from GLAMGLOW

GLAMGLOW is a fun beauty brand. That's not to say the products don't work, of course, but fun is a big part of this brand - and they are brilliantly instagram friendly. I've had the pleasure of trying two of their latest releases this last week - the #GLITTERMASK which is essentially the GravityMud Firming Treatment mask, just with loads of glitter. And why not? The glitter particles are suspended in the gel formula, and they won't clog pores. … [Read more...]

Face Inc by Nails Inc and Oh K! Sheet Masks

Who needs Snapchat filters when you have sheet masks like these?! Pandas, floral headbands, cat faces, and more, adorn the new Face inc range from Nails inc who are branching out of just nails. These fun masks, launched in September, are a perfect weekend treat, at just £5 a pop. How can you resist! And, unlike a Snapchat filter, they're doing your skin good at the same time as providing a perfect #selfie moment! I also picked up a cute … [Read more...]

Origins RitualiTea Masks

Masks. Everyone's talking about masks. One minute it's multi-masking, the next it's Korean sheet masks. Even Nails Inc have launched some. (Yep, they're not just a nail brand any more!) Masks are, of course, an integral part of a beauty routine. Most salon facials involve a mask, and the iconic comedy image of a face masked person answering the door, having 'forgotten' the mask was on, is, well, iconic! Did you know that Origins are the … [Read more...]

The Masque Bar

There's a real beauty buzz around face masks of late - in particular those sheet masks that are so popular in the Far East. Korean beauty regimes love their sheet masks, and the trend is now reaching the UK as well. We can't get enough of them, it seems. All the big brands have introduced sheet masks, and everyone from Victoria Beckham to the Kardashians are using them. But they're not that cheap, and whilst it is alright to indulge if you can … [Read more...]

Origins Maskimizer and new Mask!

Did you know Origins are the No.1 mask brand in the UK? Well, they are. So, it's no surprise that they have come up with something new and innovative in the face mask game - The Maskimizer! It is a bit of a rubbish pun-based name, but I will forgive them that for because it's an interesting, new, product, and as a beauty writer, I love anything new. Face masks are a huge trend for this spring. Sheet masks will be everywhere. But have you ever … [Read more...]