Colour Correction with new Erborian CC creme

I have mild rosacea and I do suffer from flushing (mainly with heat or alcohol) which is very frustrating. I'm always looking for new correcting products., and this latest one from Korean brand, Erborian, is the latest I've tried. The Erborian CC Red Correct is changes colour on contact with your skin, and adapts to your own skin tone, whilst also soothing the skin and helping the redness. It's a CC Creme, enriched with Centella Asiatica. … [Read more...]

S5 Serums for Redness and Sensitive Skin

Stressed skin can be a winter nghtmare. The weather, over indulgence, and the general pressures of life over this festive persiod can show themselves in our skin. Existing skin complaints like dermatitis and rosacea can flare up around this time. A  friend of mine recently road-tested S5 Calm Serum - one of a range of Organic serums from S5, who have harneesed the survival properties from thje five most extreme ecostystems on the planet, namely … [Read more...]