Colour Correction with new Erborian CC creme

I have mild rosacea and I do suffer from flushing (mainly with heat or alcohol) which is very frustrating. I'm always looking for new correcting products., and this latest one from Korean brand, Erborian, is the latest I've tried. The Erborian CC Red Correct is changes colour on contact with your skin, and adapts to your own skin tone, whilst also soothing the skin and helping the redness. It's a CC Creme, enriched with Centella Asiatica. … [Read more...]

Jurlique Calendula Redness Rescue range

Do you have sensitive skin? It's very annoying, and it can be exceptionally difficult to find skincare that doesn't irritate. If you have allergies, or any form of skin discomfort, the last thing you need is skincare that exacerbates the problem. Something natural, light, and comforting is what you are after, and Australian beauty brand Jurlique can provide. Their newest range is the Calendula Redness Rescue range, and it's perfectly timed for … [Read more...]