I have to confess, I had never heard of the New York label , Ulla Johnson, before I was sent this gorgeous Bobbi Brown collection. Now that I have, I am addicted to the instagram! It. Is. Beautiful. Go have a look...but be warned! If you like floaty, yet structured, urban prairie girl stuff, then you will be pining for everything featured in their squares!     View this post on … [Read more...]

Bobbi Brown’s Lucky in Luxe Lips

Bobbi Brown launched a new lip collection earlier this month, and some new shades of an old favourite. The Lucky In Luxe Collection is a Valentine's Day launch - yes we are going there already! Basically it's the brand's Luxe Lipstick with some cute red trim packaging, and some new shades, most of them Limited. I like it because it's red. Imperial Red is a brilliant true red, and the packaging is lovely. If you love a Bobbi Lip, then treat … [Read more...]

Madonna – Red Lipstick Queen!

Happy Birthday Madonna, 60 today!! If there is one thing I associate with Madonna more than anything, it's red lipstick. She was my red lip inspiration. She was the one who got me into it, aged 14, when I used to sneak it on at school, and remove it later. Leos Don’t Apologize for taking the Road less Traveled By. 🦁. Happy Full Moon of Leo. 🔥🔥🔥!! Burn Baby Burn! #norisk #noglory #nofear A post shared … [Read more...]

Red Lips for Valentine’s Day

There's no better beauty statement than a bright red lip! I am a massive red lipstick fan, and if you want to do Valentine's Day beauty right, make it red! Here are our top ten fabulous red lips to choose from! Everything from liquid mattes, to matte, to gloss, to chunky pencils, and Charlotte Tilbury's Lip Cheat Lipliner - there's red to suit everyone - formula and shade. If you are afraid of red, try something a bit sheer, or a lip stain, … [Read more...]

Chanel’s Collection Libre Numeros Rouge

Roughly translated that means Chanel's free red numbers collection  - yip, we'll call it Collection Libre Numeros Rouge! It's all about - you've guessed it - Coco Chanel's favourite - red lipstick. Mine too. Can't get enough of it, and this collection is perfect for all red lippy lovers. The iconic red lipstick has been tailor-made with a unique undertone for each woman, There are four undertones - numbered 1,2,3 and 4, and Global Makeup … [Read more...]

Red Lips!

I LOVE a red lipstick. It's a bold, powerful, uber-feminine statement. Worn by wonderful women like Madonna, and Marilyn Monroe, to name just two. It is the original lipstick. It's the only lipstick for many, and every woman should wear red at least once in her life. But, it is also hard to find the 'perfect red'. I am not about to tell you how to do that in this one blog post, but, I am bringing you a choice of a few reds that you might … [Read more...]

Lipstick Chess from Lipstick Queen

It must be hard, being just a lipstick brand, and coming up with new and innovative products all the time. Poppy King, whose brand is Lipstick Queen, certainly does that. But this newly launched collection - Lipstick Chess - is more of a gimmick than an innovative product, I think. That's not to say it's not cute - but I have to admit I am not the biggest chess fan that ever lived! There are six shades in the collection, all named after a … [Read more...]

Bobbi Brown Red Hot Collection

Ah, Bobbi Brown loves her reds. I never thought I would say that. I've been in this game so long, I can actually remember when Bobbi Brown had NO red lipsticks. And, apparently, she launched her brand in 1991 because she was sick of reds! Times change, however, and bold, bright, mostly red, lipstick is back in vogue. Back in 2010, Bobbi launched a red lipstick range - read more about that here - and now she's starting off 2017 with her Red Hot … [Read more...]

Chanel’s Le Rouge Collection No1 Fall 16

OOH, I love a new Chanel Collection, and this one particularly appeals because it's all about red. I love red. My hair was red for years. I almost exclusively wear red lipstick, so, Chanel's new Le Rouge Collection is a treat! This came out in August, but I missed it up until now - how could that happen?! RED IS THE COLOUR OF LIFE, OF BLOOD, I LOVE RED. - Coco Chanel Red, say Chanel, is the colour of life and death, love and desire, … [Read more...]

New Rouge Volupte Shine Oil-In-Stick Shades

Nothing cheers you up better than a new lipstick , right? It's actually a fact, that in hard times, sales of lippy go up. It's a fast, easy, and relatively cheap way to update your look, and in the summer, I like to move to a more sheer lipstick when I'm on holiday, during the day at least. YSL's Rouge Volupte Shine Oil-in-Stick is a sheer-ish lippy,and I love them. There are 12 new shades to add to the 18 original colours, and they're … [Read more...]