Festive Red and Gold

Some colours are synonymous with the festive season, and red and gold are definitely two of them. Gorgeous reds and golds are brilliant makeup shades too -  for lips, eyes and nails. Let's start with lips. Gorgeous red lips look even more festive with a golden glittery shine through them. And if you are feeling really brace, how about a full gold lip? Perhaps a bright pillar box red is the lip you want to see you through the festive season? I … [Read more...]

Madonna – Red Lipstick Queen!

Happy Birthday Madonna, 60 today!! If there is one thing I associate with Madonna more than anything, it's red lipstick. She was my red lip inspiration. She was the one who got me into it, aged 14, when I used to sneak it on at school, and remove it later. Leos Don’t Apologize for taking the Road less Traveled By. 🦁. Happy Full Moon of Leo. 🔥🔥🔥!! Burn Baby Burn! #norisk #noglory #nofear A post shared … [Read more...]

International Kissing Day Lip Prep!

It's International Kissing Day tomorrow - did you know? So, if you fancy smooching/snogging/necking/tashing on, then you better make sure you've done some lip prep - an there are loads of ideas and offers on 5pm Spa & Beauty. Also, you need to make sure you have your favourite lipstick at the ready to reapply once the deed is done! I was gutted this week when I found out that Smashbox had, it would appear, discontinued my favourite Always On … [Read more...]

Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Stunna Lip Paint

I'm not just a little late to the party with Fenty Beauty - I actually completely missed the date! Sometimes, even being a beauty writer with 15 years experience behind you doesn't get you on the right lists, and I missed the Fenty Beauty launch at Harvey Nichols in Edinburgh last year. It was an early morning launch, so doubtful if I would have made it, but, well, an invite would have been nice. So, I followed up on the launch and was sent … [Read more...]

Red Lips for Valentine’s Day

There's no better beauty statement than a bright red lip! I am a massive red lipstick fan, and if you want to do Valentine's Day beauty right, make it red! Here are our top ten fabulous red lips to choose from! Everything from liquid mattes, to matte, to gloss, to chunky pencils, and Charlotte Tilbury's Lip Cheat Lipliner - there's red to suit everyone - formula and shade. If you are afraid of red, try something a bit sheer, or a lip stain, … [Read more...]

Red Lips!

I LOVE a red lipstick. It's a bold, powerful, uber-feminine statement. Worn by wonderful women like Madonna, and Marilyn Monroe, to name just two. It is the original lipstick. It's the only lipstick for many, and every woman should wear red at least once in her life. But, it is also hard to find the 'perfect red'. I am not about to tell you how to do that in this one blog post, but, I am bringing you a choice of a few reds that you might … [Read more...]

Bobbi Brown Red Hot Collection

Ah, Bobbi Brown loves her reds. I never thought I would say that. I've been in this game so long, I can actually remember when Bobbi Brown had NO red lipsticks. And, apparently, she launched her brand in 1991 because she was sick of reds! Times change, however, and bold, bright, mostly red, lipstick is back in vogue. Back in 2010, Bobbi launched a red lipstick range - read more about that here - and now she's starting off 2017 with her Red Hot … [Read more...]

Chanel’s Le Rouge Collection No1 Fall 16

OOH, I love a new Chanel Collection, and this one particularly appeals because it's all about red. I love red. My hair was red for years. I almost exclusively wear red lipstick, so, Chanel's new Le Rouge Collection is a treat! This came out in August, but I missed it up until now - how could that happen?! RED IS THE COLOUR OF LIFE, OF BLOOD, I LOVE RED. - Coco Chanel Red, say Chanel, is the colour of life and death, love and desire, … [Read more...]

YSL launch Vinyl Cream Creamy Stain

MORE lipstick hybrids! YSL launched their Vernis A Levres (Glossy Stain) back in 2012.  It was a revelation - it mixed the benefits of a lip stain, a high shine gloss, and intense lipstick. I can remember the press launch, and greedily grabbing the colours to apply in the toilet as we left, and keeping it a secret from that November day until the February launch. Fast forward three years, and this time it was the Vernis A Levres Pop Water, a … [Read more...]

Kate Moss Rimmel 15 collection

It's been 15 years since Kate Moss first started working with Rimmel, and to celebrate, the brand have launched a special-edition lip and nail collection in the supermodel's favourite reds and nudes. Since 2001, Kate has been the perfect muse for Rimmel. Always embodying the edgy styles and soul of the UK capital, she was the perfect original spokesperson for the 'London Look'. And, she's always been a Rimmel fan. "I'm incredibly proud of … [Read more...]