REN launch Ready Steady Glow Daily AHA Tonic

REN launch their latest AHA product this month - their Ready Steady Glow Daily AHA Tonic. AHAs, or Alpha Hydroxy Acids have sparked a lot of debate in the beauty world of late. Nothing like industrial strength acids, like hydrocholric or sulfuric, cosmetic products containing AHAs - and usually glycolic acid and lactic acid - are intended to exfoliate and cleanse the skin, and are usually fruit or plant based. Some say they're too harsh on … [Read more...]

Get an Extra New Year Glow with Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown launches it's first collection of 2018 this month, and it's all about creating fresh, glowing, radiant skin. The Extra Glow collection is a small collection of products, the perfect mix of skincare and colour, and features the ever-popular Extra Illuminating Moisture Balm (£44.50) in new radiance-boosting shades. This lovely balm illuminates skin and helps you to look fresh, adding a burst of hydration to your skin along with … [Read more...]

Alpha H Serum and Body Cloths

It's no secret I like Apha-H products. I do. They're great. They give great results. So, I'm thrilled that they have recently launched two new products - the Vitamin B Serum, and the Body Cloths. The Vitamin B Serum is BRILLIANT. It has made my skin literally glow, has helped me eliminate those pesky dry skin patches I get on my face since using it, and it just feels fantastic upon application. It contains Vitamin B3 which strengthens … [Read more...]

Aveda’s Tulasara Wedding Masque

Did anyone get engaged on Valentine's Day? Well, you can look forward to, according to Aveda, your wedding day skin - which will be more radiant than ever before! I have to say that I did feel like I was glowing on my wedding day - it was the most joyful and fun day of my life. But, my eyes also had a bit of conjunctivitis in them, down to a bizarre reaction to a cleansing balm I regularly wore. However, my skin was radiant, and Aveda's … [Read more...]

Illuminate your skin for the New Year!

If you're heading out on Hogmanay, chances are you're going to feel a little bit under the weather on the first day of the New Year - and that means your skin will be a little lacklustre and tired too. The hangover, I can't help with (though I do think a fry up and some full fat Coca Cola helps!). The tired skin? I can help with that. Illuminate, illuminate, illuminate. Make sure you have at least one of these beauties in your arsenal … [Read more...]

Awaken Your Skin With Tulasara from Aveda

Sometimes, it can get a bit stale in the beauty world - same old colour stories each season, same old moisturiser launches, etc, etc. But, on occasion, there are some super launches that get beauty editors sittingup in their chairs, and really noticing. Aveda's Tulasara is one of those. It's something completely new, and I am intrigued. Tulasara skincare is based on Ayurvedic wisdom. According to Ayurveda, we are all comprised of five elements; … [Read more...]

Vitamin C and your skin

Vitamin C is one of those ingredients that comes up in beauty products a lot. It helps with radiance,they say, and energising the skin, and it is true that it does have some excellent qualities. As much as you should try to ingest Vitamin C in lovely orange juice, or in tablet form, for well-being and vitality,  you should look for it in beauty products - or look for dedicated Vitamin C products. The Body Shop have just launched a new Vitamin C … [Read more...]

Turnaround, with Clinique

Whenever I read or write about Clinique's Turnaround range, Bonnie Tyler's classic 80s hit, Total Eclipse of the Heart comes into my mind... Bonnie sang 'turn around, bright eyes', but lovers of this range might sing 'Turnaround, bright skin' because that's effectively what it does. it turns your dull skin around, bringing back the radiance we all desire. There are now five products in the range, with the very recent addition of two new products … [Read more...]

Estee Lauder Revitalizing Supreme Global Anti-Aging Mask Boost

Okay, it's not the snappiest product name ever, is it?! The new Estee Lauder Revitalizing Supreme Global Anti-Aging Mask Boost is a new addition to the Revitalizing Supreme range which is their skin-intuitive anti-ageing range. This new mask will bring out a more rested, radiant and energised look in skin, according to Lauder, thanks to its fatigue-fighting formula, infused with IntuiGen Technology - this technology is so smart, apparently, that … [Read more...]

Dr Murad John Lewis Edinburgh counter launches

Dr Murad launched their Edinburgh counter in John Lewis late last month, following the launch of their Debenhams Glasgow counter in the summer. I blogged about that launch here, and the brand's innovative YouthCam, which gives you a complimentary Skin Health Assessment, measuring  five key skin health markers: fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, redness, inflammation and pores. I decided to have this done at the new John Lewis Edinburgh … [Read more...]