La Creme Main from Chanel

Handcream. I am never without it. Since the end of 2013 I have been plagued with palmoplantar psoriasis, and my hands have been - on and off - a distressed, peeling, cracking mess. Touch wood - this year they are free from my psoriais, BUT...I am still applying handcream. Chanel's new La Creme Main might still be a little too much for my hands - I'm terrified to use anything new on them, but it is surely the most beautiful handcream you will … [Read more...]

Kaffe Fassett Achillea Hand Cream

I've tried loads of hand creams over the past 18 months thanks to my hand psoriasis. It has, touch wood, gone into a bit of a remission period at the moment, but handcream has become my best friend, and I am always on the look out for new ones to try. I have to admit that it was the amazing packaging that drew me to this fabulous Kaffe Fassett Achillea range Handcream (£10). And I am so glad I found it - now I have a new favourite handcream, and … [Read more...]

NEW Aveeno Skin Relief Handcream

My whole year seems to have been about hand cream, thanks to a particularly nasty flare-up of psoriasis. Since February,  my hands,  and to a lesser extent my feet, have been cracked, broken,weeping, and sore. I was prescribed Aveeno by the doctors to soothe them, so I was delighted to try out a new Aveeno handcream recently. Aveeno's new Skin Relief Restore and Protect Hand Cream promises to instantly relieve very dry and chapped hands. I can … [Read more...]

Handcreams and Foot Treatments

This week I’ve gone shopping with my trusty 1980s jelly basket for handcreams and foot treatments. I have had a horrendous flare-up of palmoplantar psoriasis this year - that's psoriasis of the soles of your feet and palms of your hands. As well as treatments from the doctor I have been using more hand creams and foot treatments than ever before. So, I thought I would share them with you. Before this bout of psoriasis took hold, I was, like most … [Read more...]