MAC Studio Waterweight Concealer and Powder

MAC launched their Studio Waterweight Foundation in 2015. I have to admit that I have never tried it. I've been a bit off the MAC radar in the last few years, to be honest, but three years after that launch, MAC are adding to the Waterweight collection with some new products. The Studio Waterweight Concealer (£18.50) and Studio Waterweight Powder/Pressed (£28) both launched at the start of this year, along with a new brush, the 106 Triangular … [Read more...]

NEW Bare Minerals Bare Pro Foundation

I am not a lover of powder foundation. I'm not a lover of face powder. I have never really been a fan of BareMinerals powder foundation. But...their latest addition, the new Bare Pro, has made me change my mind...a little! I remember the first makeover I had on a BareMinerals counter - and not for good reasons. I felt caked in the stuff, felt it sticking to my skin, and blocking my pores. No matter what I am told about powder foundastions and … [Read more...]