Summer Hair

I don't know about you, but the summer is a great time to play about with your hair. I've just had my hair dyed bright orange - why not? (I've popped my insta pic at the bottom of the post). Of course, summer is also a difficult time for our hair. If it's coloured it will fade, we might have to wash it more often thanks to the heat (who knew that would become a thing in Scotland?! But don't knock it!), it can dry out, and let's not even think … [Read more...]

Pink Hair Don’t Care

Pink hair is having another moment thanks to Kim Kardashian. She went pink for ooh, a couple of days and the world followed suit! She then posted a few days later to say goodbye to the pink, but if you fancy trying it for yourself, there are plenty salons on 5pm Spa and Beauty that might be able to give you the perfect shade. Gonna miss the pink 💞🍬👛🌸🍭🎀 A post shared by Kim Kardashian … [Read more...]