My bedtime beauty routine

The clocks go back this weekend and we get an extra hour in bed - hoorah! That means an extra hour of beauty sleep, so extra time for those products to do their magic whilst you sleep. I wrote a feature about extra hour beauty sleep products in the Daily Record last week - you can read the article here. But I thought I would share exactly what products I am currently using when I hit the hay, and how best to keep your skincare routine at … [Read more...]

Baby Sleep Pillow Spray

With the new Royal baby's birth imminent, we've all gone a wee bit baby-mad - and so have the brands! This Works have brought out a Limited Edition Baby Sleep Pillow Spray - in pink and blue of course - to celebrate the new Royal baby. The packaging is lovely - that's the lid in the middle - how cute!? A lovely gift for any expectant mums you know, or mums of little ones, royal or not! Designed to help lull little ones into a soothed … [Read more...]