Yardley 1770 for Men

Yardley 1770 for Men

Here's a little Valentine's Day treat for the man in your life. You know how most men's fragrances normally have that fresh, clean, smell? Well, this is something completely different. I'll let top perfumer Jean Charles Mignon, of Robertet UK explain. He co- created this new Yardley 1770, after all... "In male fragrance, the focus has traditionally been on fresh, ozonic and marine accords that suggest a clean transparency, but we are now seeing … [Read more...]

New Perfumes for Autumn

New Perfumes for Autumn

Let's celebrate Autumn's arrival with a new perfume! In my book, there is always time in your life for a new perfume. I am obsessed by fragrance, mainly thanks to a 15-year-career as a beauty journalist, but even before that I was a huge fragrance fan. In recent years, I have become obsessed with Tom Ford fragrances, and have been so lucky to have been involved in the beauty industry at this time. I can't pick out a favourite, I love so many of … [Read more...]

NEW DKNY Men and Women Fragrance

DNY limited Edition men and women

DKNY seem to release a new version of their Men and Women fragrances pretty regularly, or maybe it just seems that way.  I have to admit I don’t normally pay that much attention to them – they’re not my favourite EDTs, if I am honest. However, the latest incarnations are actually really nice! I know, I shouldn’t sound so surprised!Let’s start with the new DKNY Women Limited Edition - it’s billed as ‘energising, wild and sexy’.It has … [Read more...]

Estee Lauder Modern Muse Chic


After the mega-launch - and success - of Estee Lauder's Modern Muse fragrance, their first in years, it's no surprise they are now launching a new version of it. You can read about the original Modern Muse on last year's blog post here, and now I'll try and explain the differences in the new one!Modern Muse Chic represents the bold, daring, creative side of a Modern Muse, say Estee Lauder. In fragrance terms, it's a Vivid Woody Floral. Which is … [Read more...]

J Lo’s new glow!


Did you know that Jennifer Lopez has had 18 fragrances in the last 10 years?! She's just launched number 18, called Glowing, which she describes as an 'evolution' of her first fragrance, Glow, which launched in 2002.I still have a bottle of Glow - there's the picture of it down below! It has a little piece of J Lo bling attached to it - I think it was a mobile phone charm! (They certainly didn't evolve did they?!). Glowing has it's own gimmick … [Read more...]

More intensity from Jo Malone…


...or Jo Malone London as the brand likes to be known these days. The intensity comes in the form of a new scent, in the shape of a Cologne Intense, called Velvet Rose & Oud. What on earth is Oud, I hear you cry? Well, it's a wood. Oud wood.Rose isn't generally an intense fragrance, is it, but this is darkest Damask rose, combined with the oud, which has a smoky fragrance. It also has clove and praline in it, giving it that depth. I have to … [Read more...]