Wild Flowers & Weeds from Jo Malone

It's not easy to write about perfume when you haven't had the chance to smell it, but let's just say I like the concept of this collection from Jo Malone, and I am sure they smell beautiful. The Wild Flowers & Weeds collection is the latest limited edition special collection launched by the fragrance brand, and it's nice - a fragrant voyage along a winding river, the press info says. There are five limited edition scents in this … [Read more...]

Love(ly) Scents!

It's Valentine's Day this week. Maybe it's Galentine's Day?  Or just Thursday. Celebrate it or not, here are some love(ly) scents that might be a nice gift, make a nice gift, or just be a gift to yourself! 1. If you are a fan of the DKNY Be Delicious fragrances, then here's another! DKNY Be Delicious Mai Tai EDT is part of the Pool Party line just launched. Pretty in pink packaging, this has top notes of pink pepper, cassis, and orange oil, a … [Read more...]

Daisy Sunshine by Marc Jacobs

When this lovely bottle landed on my desk it made me smile! Who doesn't love sunny yellow? Especially at this time of year. So thank you Marc Jacobs for launching a Sunshine line of your iconic Daisy. There are four lovely bottles - four fragrances - available at The Perfume Shop now in the new Marc Jacobs Daisy Sunshine range. Buying one is guaranteed to put a smile on your face! They smell pretty good … [Read more...]

Kingdom Scotland Fragrance House now in Harvey Nichols

Last May I wrote this piece for the Daily Record about Imogen Russon-Taylor, and her fragrance house, Kingdom Scotland. Imogen was a delight to meet and interview  - her passion for her new venture was tangible, and I was so pleased to hear that her brand is now available in Harvey Nichols. Imogen's background is in geology, PR, and whisky, and she has drawn on all of that to create the first three distinctive scents that make up the premier … [Read more...]

Aqua Allegoria Spring Scents from Guerlain

Spring is in the air! It finally is, and what better way to celebrate the longer days, and - hopefully - better weather, than with a new fragrance. There are TEN gorgeous Guerlain Aqua Allegoria scents to choose from - the problem will be deciding which one to go for. The Guerlain Aqua Allegoria fragrances, originally introduced in 1999, with many created by Thierry Wasser, Guerlain's Master Perfumer, combine the freshness of a Cologne with the … [Read more...]

Chanel’s new Coco Mademoiselle EDP Intense

What better time to launch a new fragrance than in time for National Fragrance Week? Chanel did just that, launching their new Coco Mademoiselle Eau De Parfum Intense on March 1, just in time for Fragrance Week, which ends this weekend. The new Coco turns things up a notch, whilst retaining much from the original scent. Like the original this flits between the freshness of citrus peel and the ardent blaze of wood, but adds beautiful … [Read more...]

Maison Christian Dior Glasgow and La Colle Noire

A few weeks back I stumbled across the most beautiful new Dior area in Fraser's in Glasgow. Upon further investigation, I discovered this was the new 'Maison Christian Dior' - a stunningly lovely perfume bar. It's one of just a handful to open around the world,  and I will have more info on it early next year. Safe to day, if you want to buy someone a gift of perfume, then really, you need to head in here. The packaging is stunning, and the … [Read more...]

LoveLily from Accessorize

You don't have to spend a fortune on perfume, it all depends on what you want from a fragrance. The new LoveLily from Accessorize is not a sophisticated scent, but don't discount it yet. It's a floral, obviously, and it is, like many florals, pretty sweet. I'm not a huge fan of florals, I have to admit, and this is probably too sweet for me, but it's not unpleasant, and it comes in gorgeous printed packaging with a bit of a clunky bottle, that … [Read more...]

New L’Occitane scents for men and women

It's that time of year when perfume sales soar - it's an easy, but lovely Christmas gift. So, here's a couple from L'Occitane, for a fragrance gift with a difference, and not a crazy price tag. First up L'Homme Cologne Cedrat. It's a citrus/woody/aquatic scent with top notesof Corsican cedrat, mint and pink pepper, a heart of violet leaf and ginger, and a base of cedar, musk and amber. It's a very masculine scent, but with fresh accents, and … [Read more...]

National Fragrance Day Scents

It's National Fragrance Day, so I have spent today immersed in the gorgeous aroma of my favourite scents -and a few new ones,and now I am sharing them all with you! Fragrance is a powerful thing. It is the most powerful memory-inducer I can think of, it changes our mood, it enhances our personality - a lot more than just make us smell good. But it does that too, of course. There are so many perfumes on offer these days, it's hard to … [Read more...]