Autumn Foot Prep

It's been a glorious summer, however,  it will soon be time to retire the sandals for another year and look out those socks and boots (or socks and sandals for September if you can rock that vibe!) But... that doesn't mean your feet are about to get neglected for the next five months or however long autumn and winter last. You need to continue to take care of them, or at least give them one last pamper before you hide them away for a while. I … [Read more...]

Sandal Foot Prep

I was shamed on social media this week by an old colleague who commented on a sandal image I had shared on Instagram and Facebook  - with BARE TOENAILS. He expects more from me, and I admit, I let myself down. How could I expose the world to the sight of my uncared for toes. And he hasn't even see the state of the rest of my feet! Seriously, though, it is sandal season (at last!) and it is time, therefore, to get a little foot prep on the … [Read more...]

No Socks Day Scholl Pedicure

No Socks Day is a thing, apparently, and it's today! So, time to get those socks off, an expose those feet! But not until you've given them a little bit of a pedicure at least! Now, when this landed on my desk, I had a flash back to when I was a teenager, and ordered something similar, though clearly much more prehistoric, to deal with the hard skin on my feet. It was pink, my foot-tool, but I obviously didn't love it as much as I thought I … [Read more...]

Dry Pedicure?

It seems a little ironic, given the weather, talking about a time when you might not have water at hand...! But, Butter London's new Waterless Pedicure Collection was developed at just such a time - backstage at London Fashion Week. This lovely collection consists of four products, designed to pep up your feet, quickly, and wherever you are. The Rock Off Glycolic Callus Peel (£25) is a pretty amazing product, containing glycolic acid and … [Read more...]