Origins Original Skin additions

Origins added three new products to its Original Skin range this month - a primer, a cleanser, and a matte moisturiser. Aimed at skin 25+, the range first launched with a serum back in 2015 Since then, there's been a Face Mask and an Essence Lotion (like a toner) - and now these three new products have been added to the line this year - Cleansing Jelly, Cooling Primer, and Matte Moisturizer. The Moisturizer (£27) is all about minimising … [Read more...]

Origins Plantscription Powerful Lifting Concentrate

January seems to be all about working out and lifting - and there's no escaping it in the beauty world either. Origins Plantscription Powerful Lifting Concentrate actually launches in February, keeping this lifting momentum going! But, keeping our skin as toned and lifted as the rest of us (and definitely more so  in my case) isn't as tiring as it sounds!  As skin ages, firmness and elasticity starts to bail, we know this,and its … [Read more...]

Origins RitualiTea Masks

Masks. Everyone's talking about masks. One minute it's multi-masking, the next it's Korean sheet masks. Even Nails Inc have launched some. (Yep, they're not just a nail brand any more!) Masks are, of course, an integral part of a beauty routine. Most salon facials involve a mask, and the iconic comedy image of a face masked person answering the door, having 'forgotten' the mask was on, is, well, iconic! Did you know that Origins are the … [Read more...]

Origins NEW Original Skin Essence Lotion

Origins add another product to their Original Skin line this month, in the form of an 'Essence lotion'. Remember that word, essence. It's a beauty trend waiting to happen. Trust me, you will be using an essence as part of your regular skincare routine very soon. The Original Skin line is for 25 year old plus - for Millenials' skin which is in transition in their 20s. It's time to pay attention to your skin, and Origins have highlighted this, … [Read more...]

Overnight Skin Repair

Well, I am 40 tomorrow. I can’t believe it!  I don't think my skin looks too bad on it though – I guess years of trying beauty products for a living has benefits! And I am never averse to trying another new one, that’s for sure. Origins, one of my favourite ever brands, are bringing out a new cream in August, and I’ve been having a wee trial of it of late. And like the Dove Overnight Treatment I blogged about earlier today, it works its magic … [Read more...]