Bobbi Brown Nude on Nude Eye Shadow Palettes

Bobbi Brown is synonymous with palettes, and even though the makeup artist herself is no longer with the brand she founded, it's still bringing out perfect palettes like these two Nude on Nude Eye Shadow Palettes. There are two Nude on Nude palettes - Bronzed Nudes Edition, and Rosy Nudes Edition. Each palette is inspired by the natural colours in a woman's face, and the brand's approach to nude enhances features to allow the 'real you' to shine … [Read more...]

Bare Minerals Gen Nude Collection

How do you go Nude? That's the question Bare Minerals is asking this month, as they launch a HUGE new nude lips collection - Gen Nude. Nude, you see, isn't just one colour. It's not just beige, it's also pink, perhaps peach, and maybe mauve. It's still never really bright enough for me, but nude lips are undoubtedly more popular than any of the reds I wear, and this new take on them is great. Bare Minerals brings us four state-of-the-art … [Read more...]

Bobbi Brown Sandy Nudes Collection

It's officially time to think about summer. The sun is (sometimes) shining, and Bobbi Brown have launched a gorgeous summer collection - Sandy Nudes. May signals the unofficial start to summer, and I've certainly spent a fair bit of time recently thinking about sandy beaches. Bobbi Brown's Sandy Nudes collection is inspired by shades and textures of sand from beaches around the world - deep bronzes, bleached whites and warm browns. In product … [Read more...]