No7 Matte Liquid Lips new shades

Boots No7 has just added three new shades to its Matte Liquid Lips collection - all of them nudes. Nudes are big  news this summer, thanks in no part to the (real life) Duchess of nudes, Meghan Markle. The new Royal rocks a nude lip, and, whilst I don't, I can see the appeal. For an easy summer look, the new shades are Freedom, Faith and Victory. Freedom, pictured left, is a pinky nude. I'm not sure I'd call this a nude to be honest. It's … [Read more...]

Meghan Markle Nude Lipstick Love

Meghan Markle loves a nude lip - and so do British women it seems. Inspired by the Royal Princess-to-be, nude lipstick sales have gone up by 65% thanks to love for the Suits star. According to new makeup brand, MEMI, founded by 21-year old entrepreneurs Millie Watson and Jack Thompson, sales of nude lipstick shot up when Prince Harry announced his engagement to Ms Markle, and she appeared on our TV screens sporting a classic, sophisticated taupe … [Read more...]

Bare Minerals Gen Nude Collection

How do you go Nude? That's the question Bare Minerals is asking this month, as they launch a HUGE new nude lips collection - Gen Nude. Nude, you see, isn't just one colour. It's not just beige, it's also pink, perhaps peach, and maybe mauve. It's still never really bright enough for me, but nude lips are undoubtedly more popular than any of the reds I wear, and this new take on them is great. Bare Minerals brings us four state-of-the-art … [Read more...]

Illamasqua Nudes

Illamasqua are renowned fortheir bold, out there, avant garde style - full of bright colours and bold formulas. This is the brand that brought you this green lipgloss! And their new collection for summer is, well, NUDES! I was a bit shocked when this landed on my desk, but I didn't dismiss it out of hand, even if, as one friend said to me, it was 'like rocking the All Saints 1994 look'. I know exactly what she means! I wasn't averse to a bit of a … [Read more...]

Red Lip, Nude Lip, from Bobbi Brown

Are you a red lip fan or a nude lip fan? And is that bold, scarlet red, or a deeper, berry red? If you love nude, is it a deep brown nude, or a pale, sandy nude? Bobbi Brown has launched six shades in her latest Holiday collection - Red Lip, Nude Lip - whcih go right across the nude to red lip colour spectrum. The six shades of Creamy Matte Lip Color, will give you the perfect look of a classic matte lip, but with incredible wearability. This … [Read more...]