Futuristic Silver Beauty

Futuristic fun for the New Year! Drop the festive gold and bring out the sci-fi silver. Everything is shiny and chrome in the future, right?! I love a bit of silver for New Year's Eve, and there are loads of brilliant silver beauty bits around. I'm not sure if I would go as far as silver lips, but a bit of silver sparkle is definitely a Hogmanay must. If you do want to go all out for those metallic lips, then Too Faced Metallic Sparkle in … [Read more...]

New Year’s Eve Sparkle!

It's New Year's Eve this weekend - the biggest party night of the year, so it's time to ramp it up with your makeup, and add a bit of sparkle. Be creative - use rhinestones for nails on your face, mix tiny glitter stars with Vaseline and apply them to your eyelids - they'll stick, trust me! I suggest going for gold this Hogmanay with gold eyeshadow, gold nails, and a bit of gold sparkle. If you prefer silver, mix it with black for brilliant … [Read more...]