Hangover remedies for New Year

Ohayo Hangover cure drink

Hogmanay in a few days time, and that means we'll all most likely be over-indulging in alcohol as we say farewell to 2015 and usher in a new year. Always a good idea at the time, but never a good idea the morning after and there really is no cure for a hangover, or is there?Apparently this little bottle of Ohayo is just that. I'm not entirely sure it worked too well for me, but it certainly won't do you any harm to take this little bottle … [Read more...]

New Year Skin Radiance from Elemis

Elemis balance

I sincerely hope looking after your skin was one of your New Year's resolutions! It's impossible to fight the ageing process completely, but you can hold it back a while (with no surgery involved!) by looking after your skin.Elemis have four NEW Radiance Collections available for January, containing cleansers and toners which have been paired together in order to tackle the skin concerns you have, and ultimately reveal your inner … [Read more...]