Happiness with Neom

Neom Happiness Programme Products

Throughout February, NEOM have been focusing on Happiness, with their Happiness Programme. This lovely brand have divided the year into sections, and will focus on an aspect of well-being for each part. First up, Happiness. Hundreds of studies tell us that happy people are healthier, and Neom believe whatever your version of happiness is, it starts with a positive state of mind.Neom's Happiness Programme will get you there. It's a collection … [Read more...]

Neom Treats On The Go

Neom Burst of Energy

I LOVE these little treats from Neom. If you haven't heard of the brand before, they're a lovely natural beauty company based in Harrogate in Yorkshire, and they make gorgeous products, all with a wellbeing, feel-good factor. I have long been a fan of their candles, but this is the first time I had had a good sniff of their fragrances; all of them designed to help at a particular time, or with a particular mood.Now they've launched this … [Read more...]