Thierry Mugler Angel and Alien candles

Angel is a hugely popular fragrance in Scotland, and now we can indulge our love even more with a Limited Edition Angel fragranced candle. I know that, for some of you, this will have already brought on a migraine - Angel is a powerful and divisive scent. But if you love it, you love it, and you will be thrilled with  this new candle. And if you know an Angel fan, this is aperfect gift. There's also an Alien candle, Mugler's other iconic … [Read more...]

Angel Aqua Chic

It's Easter this coming weekend - that means chocolate galore! But if you don't want to over-indulge, then how about trying out the sweet scent of Angel Aqua Chic instead? This new, Limited Edition version of Angel is still as sweet as ever, but its oriental notes have been infused with an aqua accord, creating a crisp, clean scent.   We all know that Angel is one heady perfume - a fragrance that lasts, so to refresh this most … [Read more...]