Summer with Miss Sporty

Teenagers are much more makeup-savvy than I was, back in the 80s, right? Most of them are blogging, or vlogging, with huge followings. But a regular teenager can't spend loads on makeup brands, so what's out there for beauty budgets? How about Miss Sporty? The Coty brand is specifically targeted at makeup beginners, so most likely those younger than teens. The products are decent quality, and the prices are purse-friendly. I love their BFF … [Read more...]

Cheap and Cheerful from Miss Sporty

Miss Sporty are one of those uber-cheap brands you probably walk past in Boots and Superdrug, if, like me, you can be a bit of a beauty snob. But we're actually missing out on some excellent bargain buys. New for this summer, Miss Sporty has a few excellent, fun, good quality products - that are just £2.99 each! First up is the Instant Colour & Shine Lip Colour - these are Miss Sporty's version of lip crayons, and at first glance, I was all … [Read more...]