Aldi Lacura Exfoliating Mud Mask

Aldi's Lacura range of beauty products has had some excellent reviews. This is the first thing I have tried from it - the Exfoliating Mud Mask. I'm pretty late to the party, as well. It launched on July 20, and is now selling on Ebay for double the retail price! I used it last Monday night, and when on, I felt at home watching Game of Thrones - my face looked like I had the dreaded grayscale! The reason for the hype is that it's been … [Read more...]

Masking January

If there is one thing you do to to treat yourself this January, slap a face mask on! Masking is big in the beauty industry, and it's a simple way of indulging yourself and giving your skin the nourishment it deserves. January is a long, cold, hard month, and we're all expected to be pounding away in the gym and eating nothing but kale. It's an unrealistic expectation even of the most hardcore of healthy living fans! But we can look after our … [Read more...]