Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Lash Collection

Estee Lauder is having a lash and lid obsession this autumn/winter with the launch of the Pure Color Envy Lash Collection. It's been designed to create custom lashes on demand, apparently. Do you want custom lashes? I dunno. Sometimes I think a slick of mascara is fine. But Lauder has other ideas for us, and our lashes. They are launching a brand new mascara - the Pure Color Envy Lash Multi Effects Mascara (£25.50)  - one mascara for three … [Read more...]

Clinique launch new High Impact mascara

The quest for beautiful, long, lush, curly, voluminous, thick eyelashes is real! There's a new Clinique mascara out this week which was inspired by a Latin American trend where women were using spoons to get a continuous, arched curl in their lashes! I have just spent the last 15 minutes watching videos of women curling their lashes with a spoon - and I am amazed, and a little queasy (I'm very squeamish). Wow. Where have I been? I did not know … [Read more...]

Clinique’s latest mascara and eyeliner

I always love a new mascara, and this the first one I've had drop on my desk in a while. From Clinique - who are, in my opinion, masters of mascara, it's the new Lash Power Flutter-to-Full Mascara. It's particularly special this one in that it it a multi-purpose, adaptable mascara, to suit the mood or situation with just a twist. So, it's the perfect solution for day-to-night, weekday to weekend lashes. So, you can go from fluttery natural … [Read more...]

Avon and Rimmel new mascaras

It's mascara time! Mascara must be the second beauty product I have tried the most of (behind red lipsticks!), as there always seems to be a new one launching. Recently I have been faithful to the Max Factor Masterpiece mascara that launched back in October last year. But, duty calls, so I have been trying two new mascaras - Avon's Big & False Lash Volume Mascara, and Rimmel's Super Curler Mascara. Let's look at Avon … [Read more...]

Mascara GIVEAWAY! Win a mascara!

Here's a little competition for you! Five lucky winners, who comment below, will win a fab GOSH Boombastic XXL Volume Mascara in Black! No question, nothing else to do, just leave a comment below, saying why you love mascara, and five winners will be picked at random to win! to find out more about GOSH, visit their Facebook page. GOSH XXL Boombastic Mascara gives extreme volume and length. It has a gigantic brush, perfect for loading on … [Read more...]

Origins GinZing Brightening Mascara

Another mascara. Not a surprise really, when Origins helpfully inform us that we have actually been using the product for centuries, to darken and emphasize eyelashes. As far back as 4000BC, ancient Egyptians used kohl to darken their eyelashes, eyebrows and eyelids in an effort, apparently, to ward off evil spirits. Nowadays, mascara is the number one most used makeup item in the USA with over 74 per cent of women of all ages and ethnicities … [Read more...]

Another mascara marvel from Clinique

I have tried dozens of mascaras. Actually, we might even be near 100 in my decade and more as a beauty writer. Over the years I've sort of found my favourites. I don't like the natural look - I like a lot of black, spiky, spidery mascara, with length always being the most important thing. I'm not a fan of false eyelashes, so I need a good mascara that also doesn't smudge. Clinique has consistently provided me with mascaras I love, and whilst I … [Read more...]

ModelCo Fibre Lash – finally, a review!

So, last year, when ModelCo launched their 'false lashes in a bottle', FibreLash Brush on False Lashes, I couldn't get a sample for love nor money. I blogged about them a couple of times here, and then I kind of forgot about them once the initial hype had died down - not hard when you are inundated with new mascaras, as I am in this job. So, when their PR offered me some last week, I was happy to be reminded of the product Dannii Minogue … [Read more...]

Two-tone mascara from Estee Lauder

Finally! A mascara that's truly different, and one I can get excited about! I first saw this mascara a few months back at a press event, and now it's here, on counter. Estee Lauder Sumptuous Two-Tone Eye Opening Mascara (£25,, and Lauder locations nationwide) is a double-ended mascara - each end a different, complementing colour, with a different brush. For the top lashes, achieve bold drama with the exclusive BrushComber™ … [Read more...]