International Chocolate Day Nailed with 5pm

It's International Chocolate Day, so when you are eating that next bar, or that chocolate brownie, or chococlate mousse, or...well, you get the idea - why don't you have nails that match or at least complement? There is always time for a manicure, and there are always loads of great manicure deals on 5pm - so time to get that chocolate shade on your digits. At Tooran Nails & Beauty you can treat yourself to a Full Set Acrylic Nails with … [Read more...]

Give your hands a treat!

Look down at those hands. They work hard, they hold your phone in them almost all day, they fix, they mend, they hug, they play, they stop, they start - they are at the centre of everything we do! So, give them a treat sometimes! I have learned over the years, and a ferocious five-year battle with a particularly nasty strain of psoriasis, that hand cream is not a luxury, but a necessity.  I don't scrimp on handcream - I like to treat my … [Read more...]

Party Prep with 5pm Deals

It's party time! Hogmanay is the biggest night of the year, and if you're off out partying, you need to look the part too, right? That means everything needs work - from brows to lashes, hair to nails, and of course, your makeup. But it doesn't need to cost the earth if you log on to 5pm Spa and Beauty, and take advantage of all the brilliant deals. Also, go take a look at the gorgeous 5pm customers who have had some amazing makeovers this … [Read more...]

Chanel Hand Cream and a Manicure maybe?

It's Friday, time to treat yourself! Chanel launched a new handcream last week, and what's more pampering and luxurious than applying a sumptuous cream to your hands? Watch any old movie, and they're all at it, sitting at their dressing tables before bed, applying hand cream. It's a habit we want to get in to! And in the winter, it's a habit we all need to do more of to avoid uncomfortable dry hands. If you fancy the Chanel cream it's La … [Read more...]

Festive Nails, Birthstone Nails

I love a new nail polish. When I was younger I used to change my nails pretty much every night - clearly had nothing much else to do! I love  a Shellac manicure occasionally, and going to the salon for any sort of manicure is an absolute treat (and there are plenty fab 5pm salons to choose from!), but I also love doing my own, and I've just come across two new nail polish ranges that I'm loving for the festive season. Toma's Pantomime range … [Read more...]

Bourjois La Laque Gel NEW polish

BOURJOIS launch a new alternative at-home to gel nails next week, La Laque Gel. GEL nails have to be the most popular nails around. As someone who loves to change her nail colour, I'm not the biggest fan, because being stuck with the same shade for a few weeks does annoy me. However, on the occasions I have indulged, I have loved my Shellac, and the ease of it - and not having to worry about chipping. I have tried a few 'at-home' gel nail kits, … [Read more...]

NEW Nails at Autograph M&S beauty

I love a new nail polish. I have literally DOZENS of bottles in a drawer, thanks to my job, of course, but even before I was a beauty writer, I was a nail polish junkie. Of course, they don't last forever, so you are allowed to treat yourself to a new one now and then. I also love having my nails done in a salon, but I do enjoy doing my own. When I was at beauty school (before I dropped out!), manicure was probably my favourite thing to … [Read more...]

Nail Decals from Shop Keeki!

I am in LOVE with Instagram. I've discovered all sorts of wonderful clubs, and people, and shops through it, it's definitely my favourite social media forum. It's  on Instagram that I discovered these fab ShopKeeki nail decals. Odd name, yes! But they're so good, and so cheap and so easy to use. The first sets I ordered were obviously cats. This week I have just ordered some cute all over lip print nail decals, and some scary pumpkins for … [Read more...]

Nail colours to suit your skintone #manisweek

Jennifer's nails after

As part of #manisweek, Jennnifer in 5pm’s Customer Care team visited Beauty Boutique and Day Spa on Glasgow’s Bath Street for a 21 day gel manicure. Like Ruth when she got a manicure at PURE Spa Silverburn, Jennifer told them to do whatever they wanted, she gave her therapist Laura total control over colour choice. Laura opted for a beautiful bluey green shade because it’s a colour that matched Jennifer’s skin tone really well. The salon uses … [Read more...]

My First Manicure

Confession: up until yesterday I was a manicure virgin. Terrible isn't it. I just never placed that much importance on my nails. When they got too long I trimmed them with a pair of clippers to keep them neat and tidy, but that was it. I even paint my toenails regularly but never my fingernails. I saw them as functional, to use for scratching and opening things. So for 5pm Health & Beauty manis and pedis week, I decided it was the perfect … [Read more...]