Terry Barber x MAC Eye Palette

MAC fans, this is a beauty! BUT... it's only available at Selfridges. So, get you to a shop, or go online - it's Limited Edition, but still available. Oh yeah, it's an Eye Palette. And a gorgeous one at that. It's called the Eye See x 15 Eye Palette, and has been created by Terry Barber, MAC Director of Makeup Artistry. He's put 25 years worth of experience into this, and it's gorgeous. It has 15 fantastic shades in it, all specifically … [Read more...]

MAC’s Lunar New Year collection

The only negative about this collection from MAC is that it is exclusive to Selfridges, which means it will be nigh on impossible to get hold of. But, if you do, you won't be disappointed. To celebrate the Chinese New Year  - which falls on February 16 this year, and 2018 is the year of the dog - MAC has launched this mini collection of five lipsticks, an eyeshadow palette, and a blush duo. The packaging is adorable, and the colours are … [Read more...]

MAC Snowball Holiday Colour Collection

MAC's Holiday Collection (Christmas collection) this year is inspired by ice and snow, and beautiful snowflakes and it's very pretty. There are LOADs of gift sets too, but we will focus on the individual products in this post, and those at a later date. There isn't a lot to this collection, but the products are really lovely. It's bling-tastic, in gorgeous gold packaging, with colours that will make you sparkle all festive season! The Extra … [Read more...]

Eyes on MAC – new eye palettes

Eyeshadow is probably one of the least-used items in my makeup collection, but one thing I just love, all the same! I have TONS of them. And lots of them are MAC - they are the best, right? When I do eyeshadow, I tend to go for one of two or three different looks - a smokey eye, a glittery cream, or a bold, bright colour. I adore greens and blues, and the new MAC Eyes x 9 Palette in Tropic Cool Times Nine is perfect for me. The nine … [Read more...]

Spellbinder Shadows from MAC

MAC's new Spellbinder eyehadows are, wait for it, magnetically charged! The formula is amazing - none of this shadow will fall out of the pot - or off your eyelids! Each shadow contains black, ionised pigments, which are "magnetically charged, fusing the loose powder together, so it magically maintains its dimension" - that's what MAC say. I actually thought they were cream shadows, they are that soft! What a fantastic beauty innovation these … [Read more...]

It’s A Strike with MAC

LOOK at this face palette?! How fantastic is this face powder from the new MAC It's A Strike collection? I just LOVE make up like this  - but I never want to use it. The It's A Strike bowling -inspired collection is fun and very wearable.There are red-based lip colours, eyeshadows that are super-cute and autumnal, with a bold twist, three lovely nail polishes, and, of course, that face powder. It's a Limited Edition PearlMatte Face Powder … [Read more...]

MAC’s new eyes and lips

After the patent had run out on Clinique's Chubby Sticks, I wonder if the beauty world expected such a flood of similar versions? Clinique will launch a cheek chubby later this year - keep an eye out for that  - but everyone else will continue to bring out their lip version. The latest I've had my hands on is MAC's Patent Polish Lip Pencil. I'm not sure why MAC bothered to be honest. It's not that the product isn't good, it is. But it's just so, … [Read more...]