NEW Sisley Phyto Blush Twist

I love a 'stick' product. Anything I can just sweep over my face, or quickly fill my lips in with. Clinique obviously led the revolution when they launched their Chubby Sticks a few years back, but plenty have followed suit. Sisley launched a lip crayon, and eyeshadow stick, and now a cheek version - the Phyto Blush Twist. Sisley are at the top end of the luxury beauty world, and the products are not cheap. These blusher sticks are £45 each, and … [Read more...]

24 carat gold facial

It's celebrity week on 5pm Health & Beauty so we're taking a look at the treatments the stars love. A very opulent treatment offered by Cabe Salons (Beauty) in Glasgow is the 24 carat gold facial which uses products flecked with real gold to treat the skin. Mariah Carey loves it apparently and Cleopatra was known to apply a gold mask before sleeping. Inspired by these two very glamorous ladies, I headed along to Cabe Salons at Charing … [Read more...]